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5 Reasons Why To Choose Cloth Diapers

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1) the savings
Your baby will go through an astonishing 6000 diaper changes from birth to potty. Choosing disposable diapers and wipes will add up to an average of $2500. In contrast, by purchasing Thirsties Cloth Diapers and wipes, a family will actually save up to $2000! Translating this saving into earnings, one can assume you will spend a total of 115 hours laundering your reusable diapers. In this scenario, you will actually earn in savings an hourly wage of $15 an hour in the time spent laundering your baby's reusable diapers! 2) baby's 1st carbon footsteps Sixty times more solid waste and twenty times more raw materials, like crude oil and wood pulp, are used in the manufacturing of disposable diapers. In fact, 25 million trees are consumed and manufactured into baby diapers each year! As the third largest contributor to our landfills, all the toss-away diapers of today will still remain in tact 500 years from now. 3) for the health of it Less than one half of 1% of people follow the fine print guidelines on their disposable diaper package: "IMPORTANT: Shake baby soil into toilet." Raw sewage that is tossed into our landfills contaminates our water supply and breeds viruses and bacteria that are then spread to humans by insects. 4) for the health of your baby Disposable diapers contain various toxins such as Tributyltin, Sodium Polyacrylate, and trace amounts of Dioxin. Your baby's delicate skin functions as a sponge and what we put on it goes in it. Harmful toxins can be avoided by choosing Thirsties Cloth Diapers and accessories. Disposables are also a strong contributor to baby diaper rash. Before the use of rubber pants and plastic diapers diaper rash was almost unheard of. Diaper rashes can be caused by many reasons, but the most common cause is excessive moisture against the skin. Many of Thirsties products are topped with a high tech sports fleece that actually wicks moisture away from your baby's bum and acts as a barrier to the wetness. 5) make a statement Gone are the days of bland diapers...Thirsties Cloth Diapers are available in over a dozen fun colors and several adorable prints. Our reusable diapers will turn some heads and fashionably compliment your baby's style. Sturdy and easy to use closures make our cloth diapers convenient for everyone!
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  • Love your hemp inserts! They hold SOOOOOO much pee!

    Sara Purcell on

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