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Holiday Gift Bags with Thirsties

🎶 It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎶

Thirsties holiday gift bags

Cost-Effective & Eco-Friendly

In a year that has stretched our “normal” in every sense of the word, we are nearing that time when holidays galore need to be planned and prepped for. This year, there is a very different landscape in the coming months than our traditions have produced in the past, and Thirsties is here for some ways to keep your festivities “green” in a year where both money and resources need a little boost.


image of baby in a diaper

🌲 Reusable Bags and the Holidays 🌲

Did you know that Thirsties offers 5 different bags for your everyday needs? All of which can be a fantastic way to not only give an extra gift to someone you love but also keeps wrapping paper sustainable and reused.

 Giving the gift of toys or figurines to a little one to stay busy in the coming winter months? Pop it in a Thirsties wet bag for easy future carrying and storage in the car or doctor appointments.

Bath and body for a loved one to make self-care more feasible? Wrap it up in a Thirsties clutch for purse or diaper bag storage that lasts for years.

This year has also seen clutch bags as the perfect way to transport masks, if you have a loved one in health care, or an essential worker who deserves an adorable way to tote their PPE back and forth, Wet Bags are a fantastic gift idea ❤️

thirsties clutch gift bag

Gifts That Keep on Giving

And after the holidays have passed, what becomes of all the bags?

As grocery shopping options continue to evolve, one thing that doesn’t change is the need to bring it all home. Various sizes of bags mean that your trips to the store can have both fun and functionality to bring it all home.

grocery shopping with thirsties reusable bags

My purse is also full of clutch bags and sandwich bags for chapsticks, hair ties, lip gloss, medications and more. 

Toy organization is a breeze, with a snap handle that can clip to doors and toy bins, keep those matchbox cars, Legos and blocks in a place where your little one can easily get them, while making cleanup easy and accessible.

*pro tip*- I recently found that the snack and sandwich bags are perfect for American Girl/My Generation doll accessories and outfits, and all those Barbie shoes and pieces that go easily missing. If you are giving the gift of dolls this year, an easy add on keeps it all in place. 

Happy and safe shopping, everyone! A reminder that and many retailers are open 24/7 online, with ways to get items quickly to you in this busy season. We hope our fans are staying safe and healthy, and invite you to our Facebook group for parenting and product support in your journey 💞

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  • What a great idea !
    And when might we see some beautiful holiday prints available?
    I especially love the one in the photo.

    Virginia on
  • These should be available at your Thirsties retailer now

    Laura Ankrum on
  • This is a great idea! I can’t wait to order some bags to use at the store

    Ava F on

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