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My Case for Cloth

Cloth diapering is starting to show up in the mainstream media and more and more parents are making the decision to use cloth diapers on their children whether it's for financial or environmental reasons. Many are on the fence, maybe you're one of them? Let me tell you why I choose to use cloth diapers on my children and why I feel that you should do the same. I understand the extra work that's involved in cloth diapering your child; I have cloth diapered two babies. I know that there's laundry every other or every two days (speaking of which, I need to do diaper laundry today). I understand that there are more diaper changes  with cloth diapers too. Why would any parent choose to make more work for himself or herself when there's an easier, more convenient approach to diapers? I'll tell you why I did... For me, it started out as a financial decision my husband and I made, but it's turned into so much more for me. I use cloth diapers now for the same reason that some of you choose to eat only organic, non-processed foods. If you've ever wondered what's actually in a disposable diaper, that goop that keeps your baby's bum "dry," well, I encourage you to read the article written here on our blog by our previous Written by Mama Monday author Elizabeth. It's titled, "Have You Ever Wondered What's in a Disposable Diaper?" Honestly, if the information in there isn't enough to persuade you to use cloth diapers well... You see, our skin is the body's largest organ. It's the protector of our vital organs - the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. - and it is a visible force field, warding off nasty viruses and bacteria. Our skin also absorbs any substance it comes in contact with. For example, soldiers and Vietnam citizens who were repeatedly exposed to the chemical, Agent Orange, during the Vietnam War do have a higher occurrence of certain types of cancer and diseases. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) also reports this about occupations that have a higher level of exposure to hazardous chemicals, "Dermal exposure to hazardous agents can result in a variety of occupational diseases and disorders, including occupational skin diseases (OSD) and systemic toxicity." thirstiesfblogo Our skin is the shield of our bodies but it's not an impenetrable fortress; I believe that what I put on my skin and my children's skin can make a difference in our overall health and wellness. Now am I saying that if a baby wears a disposable diaper he or she will inevitably contract some terrible disease from exposure to the chemicals in diapers? No. My children both have had times where they wore disposable diapers; whether it was from a bad diaper rash to being in the care of a place that did not allow the use of cloth diapers. I do, however, think that there's something to be said about constant exposure. Look at the issued reports from the Department of Veteran Affairs: Those who had constant exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides are at considerably high risk for diseases such as Prostate Cancer to Parkinson's Disease. The math is simple in my book: There are a lot more reasons to use cloth diapers other than saving money and saving the environment. What about saving the well being of our next generation? It's just something for you to digest.. .
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