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Simple Halloween Crafts

Can you guys believe Halloween's less than a week away?! The fact that it's on a Saturday this year makes it super fun, but also offers a chance for boredom to creep in. I mean, how does one actually celebrate Halloween when it's not on a school/work day? (Maybe, as an educator, I'm just used to seeing what we do during the holiday with the kiddos at school.)
Here's how we plan to do it up. I foresee a creepy breakfast of some sort (pancakes with strawberry "blood" or made purple with crushed blueberries, maybe?), a trip to our favorite farmers' market, a spooky-but-healthy lunch (to make up for the inevitable junk food), fingers crossed for a long nap and early dinner, fun craft, then getting dressed up for trick or treating! Since our guy's only 3, we'll head back early for some popcorn and our traditional Charlie Brown viewing. Bam. Bedtime.

Sure, if one or two of those things goes by the wayside, it's no big deal. But, I've found tons of SUPER simple, can-be-done-very-last-minute craft projects that I'm hoping to choose from. Maybe your family will like trying out one or two, as well!
Okay, I've heard of apple stamping before, but to make PUMPKINS...out of genius.
Cotton Ball Ghosts
Cotton balls + a ghost cut-out & face + glue = super simple ghost buddy. Add some string to make it into decor. Considering Hadley's being a ghost, this one's all sorts of awesome.
Hanging_Ghosts Spooky Hanging Ghosts
Got white coffee filters? You're all set for this one!
In our house, toilet paper tubes are called "doot-dee-doos" and these ones are beautifully imperfect! I love when you can tell that little hands had a part in making the craft, don't you? There are some on the interwebs with perfectly placed wrappings, but this one's awesome.
Got an early scissors user? (We do!) This is a cute, simple way to "sharpen" those skills AND make a fun little project.
Paint Chip Halloween
Paint chips are just darn awesome...and FREE! Plus, all you need to do is cut out shapes and let your little one glue them on. Super cute and super simple.
See anything you'd like to do with your family? Or do you have something else you're planning on doing to celebrate this Halloween? We can't wait to hear!
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