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Thirsties Gift Ideas for $100 or Less

The holiday season is coming, but families grow all year round! 

As we turn the corner into fall and winter, mentions of the holidays start to creep into our feed. Advertising, store displays, even the music on the radio reminds us that gift-giving season will soon be here!

But aside from the holidays, let’s also chat about how Thirsties can be perfect for *any* growing family, all year round!

assortment of diapers and bags in cacti print indoors

Do you know of a family that is adding another baby soon? They may be expecting, adopting, fostering, or helping with a little one that will need some diapers and supplies. We are frequently asked, “At the $50 or $100 level, what makes a great gift for a growing family?”
And here are our thoughts 

$50 Gift you could invest in:

  • A natural newborn all in one
  • A stay dry newborn all in one
  • A mini wet bag
cloth diapers with text for newborn needs

This gives the family two diaper changes every day, plus a way to tote the soiled diapers while out and about. For the newborn stage, this could add up to over 200 diaper changes that are “covered,” talk about thrifty! If you want to increase the gift to $100, you could double the diapers or add:

  • Two duo wraps in Size 1
  • Three Size 1 Duo Inserts

This gives the family three more changes, for a total of 5 a day (and possibly up to 600 diapers out of the trash in the newborn stage!)

Is their new addition past the newborn stage? Or maybe an older child out of diapers? Maybe they already have a supply of disposables and want to explore other reusable options?

At the $50 level, you could introduce them to:

  • A simple tote
  • A pocket bib
  • A deluxe wet bag

Perfect for all of the “stuff” older babies and children need for family adventures! This provides a way to carry soiled items, wet items, sport items. It offers a comfortable way to keep clothing clean while at a restaurant or relative’s house, and a larger bag to keep it all together!

cloth diapers and bags with text for thirsties brand

If you wished to increase it to $100, you could add

  • A clutch
  • A wet/dry bag
  • A simple pouch
  • 3 Sandwich/Snack bag

And now they have a way to make snack time accessible without plastic baggies, a way to eliminate ziplocks for the diaper bag and backpack, and preschool or daycare is now able to send soiled outfits back and forth without single-use plastic bags.

And if you are eyeing the holidays…

gift wrapped images with yellow ribbon

Wet Bags make beautiful, sturdy, and reusable gift wrapping ^

Get creative, get crafty, get Thirsties to give the gift of reusables!

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  • We are going on baby #3 and we are so excited to have discovered Thirsties. We were always turned away from cloth diapering by family and daycare providers in the past. Not this time! We love that your products are made in the USA, yet still affordable for the modest family!

    Jacey Smith on
  • We are going on baby #3 and we have just discovered Thirsties. I have always wanted to cloth diaper but was always turned away from it by family. Not this time! We are going to cloth diaper baby #3. We are most excited that your products are made in the USA, yet still affordable for a modest family!

    Jacey Smith on
  • I love the idea of gifting a newborn set. A lot of new mothers are hesitant to invest in tiny diapers but if they could try I think they would be hooked!

    Anne Marie on
  • I even put Thirsties items on my babies Christmas and Birthday lists when they are under 1. There is not many things that babies and infants need or toys for them to have and my family loves getting to pick out prints for baby.

    Emily Hanna on
  • Love this idea!

    Kayleigh Lucas on

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