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What are Thirsties products made of? Are they safe for my baby?

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All of Thirsties products are FREE of PVC, phthalates, BPA, and lead.  Thirsties is very proud to offer non-toxic products for your baby, which are all manufactured in the USA. Content for Thirsties products: Thirsties Cover: Polyester w/urethane coating (PUL) Spandex/nylon (FOE or Fold Over Elastic) Polyurethane (Clear elastic) Polyamide (Aplix) Thirsties Diaper Pail Liner: Nylon (Cord) Polyester w/urethane coating (PUL) Thirsties Doublers: Dyed with low-impact dyes 15% polyester/85% cotton (Velour) Thirsties Duffle: Nylon (Cord) Polyester w/urethane coating (PUL) Thirsties Duo Diaper: Outer:  100% polyester w/urethane coating (PUL)
Inner:  100% polyester (micro fleece)
Insert first layer:  100% polyester (microfiber terry)
Insert second layer:  Hemp Jersey 55% hemp/ 45% cotton Spandex/nylon (FOE) Polyurethane (Clear elastic) Polyamide (Aplix) Polyacetal Resin (Snaps) Thirsties Duo Wrap: Polyester w/urethane coating (PUL) Spandex/nylon (FOE) Polyurethane (Clear elastic) Polyamide (Aplix) Polyacetal Resin (Snaps) Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Diaper: Dyed with low-impact dyes
Inner: 100% polyester (micro fleece lining, micro terry soaker)
Outer: 15% polyester/85% cotton (Velour) Polyester Elastic w/ Latex Inner (Braided Elastic) Polyamide (Aplix) Polyacetal Resin (Snaps) Thirsties Hemp Inserts: 55% Hemp / 45% Cotton Thirsties Stay-Dry Duo Insert: Insert first layer:  100% polyester (microfiber terry)
Insert second layer:  55% hemp/ 45% cotton (Hemp Jersey) Polyacetal Resin (Snaps) Thirsties Wipes: Dyed with low-impact dyes
White layer – 100% polyester (Micro Fleece)
Colored layer – 15% polyester/85% cotton (Velour) Thirsties Booty Luster: Ingredients: 
Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, water-based Extract of Coconut, Honey, Grape seeds Extract, traces of Glycerin, Avocado Oil, Humectants Moisturizers, and other Organic Ingredients. Thirsties Booty Luster is free of petroleum, alcohols, animal products, parabens, sulfates, DPGs, or any dilutants; nor are any of our products ever tested on animals. Thirsties Prewash and Wash: SUPER WASH INGREDIENTS:

Bi-sodium carbonate
Coconut water
White tea extract (not oil based)
Normal small chain fatty acid ingredients
Grapefruit seed extract
Other natural and organic ingredients PRE-WASH INGREDIENTS:

Sodium Bicarbonate
Acid Neutralizer
Endosperm of corn kernel extract
Citric acid
Natural flower nectar
Purified Water Thirsties Prewash & Super Wash removes residue, stains, and odors, and has no harm to the environment or to humans.  Once the product is activated with hot water, it cleans, and dissipates to nothing. It is truly as harmless as rainwater! 100% Toxin-Free!
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  • My absolute favorite Thirsties product are the Duo Wraps coupled w/ hemp prefolds! Super absorbent & my first go-to. :)

    Tana Zoller on
  • Thanks for the info. What great detail.

    nicole valluzzi on

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