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Cloth Diaper Accessories


Inserts are used to add absorbency to a diapering system. Inserts can be placed between the diaper and cover or stuffed into the pocket or sleeve. Click here and here to view Thirsties insert options.

Diaper Ointment

It is very important to choose a baby ointment that is cloth diaper safe. Many traditional diaper ointments contain petroleum or other ingredients which coat fibers and cause diapers to repel. Click here to see Thirsties diaper ointment.

Reusable Wipes

Are a great alternative to disposable wipes and can save you up to $500. Pair with a baby wipe solution for the best results. Click here to view Thirsties wipes.

Baby Wipe Solution

When using reusable wipes you will want to purchase a baby wipe solution to properly cleanse and moisturize your baby’s skin. 

Wet Bag

A great accessory for your diaper bag used to either enclose clean or soiled diapers. Wet bags come with a closure system to keep odors from escaping. Click here to view Thirsties wet bag.

Diaper Pail

The use of a diaper pail is necessary to keep odors at bay while storing your baby’s soiled diapers until laundry day. 52 quart garbage pails with a lid are a popular choice but any large container with a closure will work.

Pail Liner

Washable liners are designed to fit your diaper pail and be thrown in the wash with your soiled diapers. Pail liners are waterproof and designed to keep odors sealed within. Click here to view Thirsties pail liner.

Diaper Sprayer

A hose with a nozel that is attached to the plumbing of your toilet and is used to cleanse poop from soiled diapers. Diaper sprayers aren’t typically necessary until your baby begins to eat solids.