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5 Reasons Why Customers Choose Thirsties

Thirsties Signature Leg Gussets

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What is a gusset? “Inset piece of fabric: a piece of fabric inserted in a garment where added strength or freedom of movement is needed.” Thirsties signature leg gussets are elasticized, which wraps around baby’s leg to provide a snug yet comfortable fit. These gussets keep the liquids and solids inside where they belong!

Made in the USA

Yes, all of Thirsties products are made in the Denver, Colorado area. Besides keeping jobs in our own communities, it is one way that we decrease our carbon footprint. We also try to source as many of our materials in the USA as possible.


We aim for optimum performance in every product that we release. The fit, quality, absorbency, and durability of a diapering product are essential for successful cloth diapering.


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We understand budgets, and the need for affordable diapering products. We try our best to keep the cost to you as low as possible!

Cute Factor

If you are looking for cute, we’ve got it! From prints to solids, Thirsties offers fresh and modern colors for your diapering pallet! We thank you for taking the time to read our post! ~Sonya
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  • After doing alot of research on cloth diapers, & the many different brands, my husband and I decided to start with Thirsties Duo Wraps. I love all of the great info about this product, I can’t wait to start using them!

    Ashley G on
  • We love Thirsties. BEst thing is they are affordable and a great product.!

    Leah daniel on
  • Yes to all of that! Affordability and made in USA were our main reasons to get Thirsties. After using them, the legs gussets really did it for us! We use them with baby #1 and we are happy to soon be using them with baby #2!

    Constanza Ehrenhaus on
  • My favorite feature on the thirsties is the leg gussets. And they are so well made.

    Cathy Lockerby on
  • I do like that these are made in the USA and that some other companies in this industry seem to be moving some of their production to the USA as well! Great example company!

    Sarah on

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