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All In Two Inserts: Fiber Options and More

For many parents, All In Ones or AIOs are a great choice because they are one step cloth diapering system. However, some parents may prefer having more fiber and absorbency choices than an AIO can offer.

Recently, Thirsties added two new All In Two Inserts to their line and we couldn’t be happier. All In Two inserts allow caregivers to customize their absorbency in so many ways and the new natural products will give parents even more options.

In this article, we will discuss the full Thirsties All In Two lineup, their fiber facts and give you some tips about using these inserts in your everyday cloth systems.

image of inserts and cloth diaper

Stay Dry Duo Insert


Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Inserts has one layer of Stay Dry fleece on top, followed by two layers of microterry on the bottom of the first insert. The second insert is five layers of the Thirsties signature 55% hemp/ 45% certified organic cotton. This insert is ideal for babies with wetness sensitivity that still need the extra thirsty hemp/organic cotton insert underneath.

When layering your fibers, you should always work from the fastest absorbing to the slowest absorbing material. An easy way to remember the order is My Cloth Baby’s Happy: microfiber, cotton, bamboo and finally hemp. For this reason, you will always want the Stay Dry fleece layer closest to baby’s skin as it will wick away moisture faster and prevent rashes from wetness sensitivity.

image of diaper insert

Because this Duo Insert snaps together rather than being sewn together, each insert also makes a perfect doubler when used on it’s own. The stay dry insert can help transform your Natural One Size All In One to add a wicking layer or you could use the hemp/certified organic cotton layer to boost your nighttime absorbency. Either way, the Stay Dry Duo Insert is amazing on it’s own or added to another cloth diapering system.






Natural Stay Dry Duo Insert


image of diaper insert

The Natural Stay Dry Duo is similar to the Stay Dry Duo, but more natural fibers are present. The top layer is one layer of fleece followed by three layers of 100% certified organic cotton. The second insert is the same as the second insert of the Stay Dry Duo: 55% hemp/45% certified organic cotton.

Together, you get the same benefits of natural wicking material to fight wetness sensitivity, but more natural fibers than in the Stay Dry. This also means that any layer of this All In Two can be placed against baby's skin, and therefore gives you more options when using the individual inserts as doublers.

Natural Duo Insert


The Natural Duo Insert contains only natural fibers and includes three layers of certified organic cotton in the first insert and five layers of the signature Thirsties 55% hemp/45% certified organic cotton. Like the Natural Stay Dry Insert, any layer of this insert can be placed against baby's skin, making this insert customizable and versatile.

This insert is also a great replacement for your Thirsties Natural Pocket insert or extra layer of absorbency in your Thirsties Natural All In One because it's so trim. You could even add your top insert to another Duo Insert for an extra layer of absorbency as well.



I love the convenience factor that comes with All In Two inserts. And some of the caregivers in my life would rather not fold or use prefolds, so All In Twos are perfect to lay inside our duo wraps and go. Since we are now in the throes of potty training, my All In Twos are making great nighttime boosters when split apart (because we aren’t quite nighttime confident enough yet…).

I personally went to an all natural fiber stash, and so the Natural Duo Insert was my choice. I love how thin they are because it doesn't make my potty trainer feel like she has a bunch of big bulky inserts in her trainer and they are so easy to clean (because poop happens).

Are you currently using Thirsties All In Two inserts? Which insert is your favorite? Are you a super fan of one specific insert or do you change it up? Tell us in the comments!
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