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Cloth Diapering Tips for the Summer

image of baby in a diaper outdoors with an adult


It’s summertime and the livin’ is… HOT. Warmer temps mean dirty cloth diapers get warmer, cars get warmer and it’s probably too hot to run the drier.

You can easily cloth diaper all summer long, but there are a few tips and tricks that will help make your summer cloth diapering journey a little better. In this article, we are going to discuss ways to make cloth diapering in the summer easier and include some tips about washing and reusing your Thirsties cloth diapers. Let’s start by talking about how to beat the heat!

Beat the Heat


Are you in a hot climate? Be careful. Dipes that sit for too many days in hot climates are at risk for developing mold, mildew or attract unwanted insects. Make sure your dirty diapers are in a well ventilated area and you are washing every two to three days. Make sure to spray out any poopy diapers before you wash (provided that you are not exclusively breastfeeding. Exclusively breastfed babies produce water soluble waste that does not need to be rinsed.) 

#ThirstiesTip Leaving your diaper pail or wet bag open to air will help air circulate and keep mold and mildew at bay. Wash your pail liner or wet bag after every use during the summer to keep mold and mildew away from your storage items as well.

Bring It In


Being out in the heat makes us want to run inside towards the air conditioning! However, make sure that after every trip out of the house, you remember to grab your wet bag with your dirty dipes and take it inside. Your car can harbor even more heat than your house and leave dirty diapers and wipes more difficult to clean if left too long. 

If you have pre-wet wipes, it’s a good idea to bring those in too. To get the most longevity out of your wipes, you’ll want to keep them in a cool, dry place whenever possible. Finally, don’t forget your wipe spray. Wipe spray can also turn sour if left in the heat for too long, so make sure to bring it in the house as soon as you can. 

Sun’s Out, Dipes Out

image of girl in a Thirsties diaper with Lightning Bug

Are you trying to rid your diapers of stains? On wash day, simply wash as normal and then lay your clean, damp dipes out in the sun and watch the stains disappear! Need even more stain fighting power? Grab some cloth diaper safe Buncha Farmers stain stick and apply to damp cloth diapers. Wash as normal and then sun. 

#ThirstiesTip The sun isn’t just for dipes. Lay your damp, stained cloth wipes out in the sun to rid them of stains and they’ll be ready to use again.

Swim Diapers

image of diaper in bright toucan print

Headed to the pool? Don’t forget to pack your Thirsties Swim Diaper! The Thirsties Swim Diaper comes in two sizes: size one is recommended for babies 6-18lbs while size two is recommended for babies 18-40lbs. The Thirsties Swim Diaper has a jersey mesh liner and a layer of waterproof TPU. Solids will stay in and the waist and leg elastics will prevent yucky messes in the pool. Waist snaps will ensure that changes are quick and simple with no messy diaper to slide down baby’s legs. 

#ThirstiesTip Always pack an extra swim diaper. The swimming pool tends to be a relaxing place for baby, which means you will probably go through at least one dirty diaper while you are swimming. 


image of rolled up cloth wipes

It’s a good thing Thirsties cloth diapers and trainers are SO cute because that’s all my kiddos will be wearing in the foreseeable future. With record high temps here in Alaska, we are all melting for sure. 

My favorite summer time cloth diapering tip is actually a cloth wipe tip. Wet your Thirsties cloth wipe and freeze them! These make awesome cooling rags or teething aids for hot littles. And the new Thirsties Organic Cotton Wipes are so thick that they can really take a beating. You can even use your frozen wipes between you and baby to cool you off when you are nursing, babywearing or just snuggling for a long while. 

Do you have a favorite summer cloth diapering tip? Share it with us in the comments! You can shop Thirsties cloth diapers at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. For other cloth diaper tips and tricks, you can visit Thirsties on Facebook or join the online community, Thirsties Groupies. And don’t forget to checkout the Thirsties Instagram feed, @thirstiesinc.

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