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Don't air your dirty laundry! Thirsties NEW Wet Bags and Pail Liners.

We all have dirty diapers, now Thirsties has a better solution to keep them under wraps! We’re excited to introduce our new line of wet bags and pail liners in several of our popular solids and prints to add to your array of Thirsties products. Wet Bag Features and Benefits: • Waterproof PUL and fully-taped waterproof seams keep messes and moisture sealed within. • Cute, color-coordinated snap handle can be used to hang or wrap wet bag for compact storage in your diaper bag. • Can easily fit up to 8 diapers and inserts. • The matching zipper seals the bag and keeps odors at bay. • Now available in your favorite Thirsties prints and solids.   Diaper Pail Liner Features and Benefits: • Elastic opening provides a snug fit on most diaper pails up to 54 quarts. • Waterproof PUL and fully-taped waterproof seams prevent leaking and wicking and keep moisture out of your diaper pail. • Sewn-in closure strap keeps odors in when liner is not in a diaper pail. • Now available in your favorite Thirsties colors. We hope you love the new products!  Please visit our retailer locator to find a store near you.
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  • Awesome I need another pail liner!!!

    Melissa on
  • I love the fun patterns

    Jennifer R on
  • I am seriously considering getting one of these wetbags! Love the Polka Dance. Anyway you could tell me what trash can you have pictured with the pail liners, though?? Haha. I’d love to know…

    Jacklyn on
  • I love these! Why do you have scottish storm and not scottish rose?

    christine k on
  • These look great! Are the seams sealed to keep in wetness after diapers have been rinsed?

    Melissa C. on

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