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Food Allergies, Food Dye and Four Year Old Festivities

In just three weeks Cooper turns FOUR! Because we're in the process of selling our house and moving to the suburbs, we'll be celebrating a week early. His two sisters, three cousins and two best buddies are the only guests at his birthday party this year. And that will feel like plenty of kids, I'm sure! We're going with a dinosaur theme since dinos are his newest obsession and pretty easy to pull off. I'm opting out of making a dino shaped cake and doing cupcakes instead--easier to make and easier to serve! I'm planning the party for one o'clock on a Saturday so that the kids can come with lunch in their bellies and I won't have to worry about my kids not eating "healthy food" during the party because when there are that many other kids around, my kids don't stop moving unless it's for sugar, flour, eggs and covered in frosting! Being sensitive to many foods and especially foods with preservatives and artificial food coloring, means that enjoying other children's parties, holiday themed activities at school or church, can be extra challenging for us. We end up making exceptions and letting the kids eat food they shouldn't (since our allergies aren't life-threatening but just cause horrid tantrums and eczema) or we end up skipping out on the activities that we can. And frankly, with all of the friends we have with dietary restrictions, it's not worth going over the top with snacks and lunch if not everyone can eat them anyway. I'm going to keep the junk food to a minimum and focus on quality rather than quantity. This year, I'm going to do simple cupcakes and vanilla ice cream with some home-made frosting and small plastic dinos as cupcake toppers/party favors. Instead of a goody bag for the kids to take home, I came up with a fun little fossil souvenir instead. I found some cool plastic dinosaur skulls at Michaels and some colorful containers in which to put them. They are hidden in Kinetic Sand which is one of our new favorite sensory/creative playthings. The sand isn't cheap but it's really neat and completely affordable thanks to my trusty 40% off coupon!
Cooper helping with party favors.
 So, put on your favorite dino-tee and get ready to join Cooper for some cupcakes, ice-cream and chaos because he's about to Roar Into Four! Are you doing a theme for your baby or toddler's next party? And what are you going to be serving?
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  • We are probably going to do a Hot Rod themed birthday. My whole family owns old muscle cars and I love them too! We are definitely going to have a Chevy Nova cake and little tracks running all over the floor.

    Chalene Alic on
  • I have an 8 month old, so no birthday parties yet, but I am looking forward to them, this was a really great idea!

    Katy Baird on
  • Some super cute ideas! Definitely something to keep in mind. It is really hard sometimes to be mindful but you also don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings

    Beth Rees on
  • I’m a new mom but I have to wait until November to throw my first birthday party for my little one. I CANNOT WAIT!! This may be the best part of being a mom :) Love your ideas in this blog post.

    Rebekah S. on
  • My nephew’s second birthday was train themed because he’s super into trains right now. The older kids put together alphabet train cars to spell their name and there was a cardboard kid size train for the kids to pretend drive and take pictures in. And of course his train table was the center of party. So simple, and the kids had a blast :)

    Theresa Hover on

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