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Hook & Loop vs. Snaps

aplix v snaps
Isn't it funny how habitual we humans can be? Sleeping on a certain side of the bed. Only listening to a particular genre of music during a particular season. Eating pasta with a piece of bread to sop up the sauce. We all have our “thing.” And when it comes to cloth diapers, the attachments continue. But, one of the popular debates that people seem totally split on is all about attachment - attachment of the diaper to the bum. By that I mean the good old conversation: snaps vs. aplix. There was a time when there wasn't much of a choice: safety pins with pink duck heads or plain white ones? Yeah. Pins were king. But, now with the popularity of AIOs and pocket diapers, lives have been made easier with the addition of built-in attachment devices. In all this ease, though, it has made the choice of which to buy a little more complicated. I actually own some of each type because, admittedly, I'm an indecisive person to the max. But, it actually has helped in some respects and I find myself reaching for the different kinds in different situations. In other words, there's pros and cons to each.
Snaps or Hook & Loop (2)
  Normally, I'm a snap girl. They seem to hold up the best over time and, I dunno, I’m just biased. But do you know the best time to forego the snaps for hook & loop? NIGHTTIME. Yup. Those midnight (and 3am...and 5am…) changes during which you start questioning your life choices and can't see your hands in front of your face (not because it's dark but because TIRED HAPPENS) are perfect for the super easy, non-snap-counting-necessary aplix diaper. Just pray that  sccccrrrrunching sound doesn't further wake your little one. Another reason to keep those easy affixers around? Grandparents. Ones who were once experts at wielding sharp pins without shedding a drop of blood are now totally flustered by these darn finicky snaps. (Mind you, I think snaps are amazing; this is just my mom I'm alluding to here.) And it's not that caregivers aren't highly intelligent, but it is nice to make their lives easier, especially if they've grown accustomed to disposables. And what's most like a disposable? Hook & Loop.  

aplix versus snaps

So, what about your family? What's your favorite? I thought I'd set up a little poll to find out, but I'd love to hear your reasons for your favorite style in the comments! free polls
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