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How to Store Your Cloth Diapers For Future Use

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I get this question a lot; “How do I store my cloth diapers?” You may want to save your diapers in good condition for another child. It is pretty simple, but very important to store them properly. Here are our recommendations:
  1. Make sure the diapers are thoroughly CLEAN and DRY. Any stains left on the diapers during storage will most likely be there to stay. If the diapers are not dry, they may form mildew which will most likely ruin your diapers. Make sure you have used a cloth diaper safe detergent, with no additives, including perfumes. Any odor on them could be intensified. Of course, do not use fabric softeners.
  2. Ideally, use bags, containers, or boxes that won’t degrade and will seal out dirt, dust, rodents, insects, and moisture.
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  3. Pack “loosely”, allowing air to circulate. Wrap each diaper in white tissue paper.
  4. Tuck a lavender sachet or cedar block into each container to help repel insects.
  5. Make sure that the temperate they are stored in is between 32 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. A cool, dry area is best. Attics may be too hot; unheated garages may be too cold; basements may be too damp.
For humid climates: Make sure that the diapers are in a moisture-proof container. Store them right away after drying, with tissue paper layered between. Look for #5 plastic. For dry climates: If you’re storing in a clean, dry environment, a clean cardboard box works fine, as long as it is not subject to rodents or insects. If using a plastic container, look for #5 plastic. You want to avoid dampness, extreme heat, and sunlight. Wherever your storage area is, do not let the diapers be exposed to direct sunlight. If you have any questions, please send me an email at!
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  • This is great information! Thanks for posting.

    Lily Ivey on
  • Great tips!

    Liesal on
  • Very helpful tips! One question- should inserts and covers be stored separately or could they be put away ready to go with the inserts already inside the covers? I guess it wouldn’t really matter as you’d probably want to give them a quick wash before you use them again anyway.

    Pearl Toyne on
  • Like has been said a couple times, I wouldn’t have thought to pack them loosely… good tips!

    Sara R on
  • I have something to say about this. If you will be reusing your stash for another child within a year or two, I think this would be fine. However, if you have a large gap between your children, you may want to sell much of your stash. I say this because all my things with elastic in them were dead after being stored for 6 years. The elastic just died. The prefolds were totally fine, but all the covers had to be replaced. Bummer! :(

    Katharine Ponczoch on

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