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Instructions on how to replace Aplix (hook and loop) tabs

Instructions on how to replace Aplix (hook and loop) tabs: You will need to use a jeans needle to be able to penetrate the Aplix and avoid skipped stitches. Use a strong cotton or cotton/polyester blend thread.   For waist tabs: 1. Cut off rounded end of old Aplix tab, taking care not to cut the fabric. 2. Rip out the stitching from both the top and bottom Aplix tab. 3. Center new male tab on inside of cover or diaper, and stitch from top of tab to bottom to secure.   |---------:--------\ | (Tab)   : <- stitching | --------:--------/   4. Center Female tab on front of cover or diaper in line with the bottom male tab.   5. Stitch through male and female tab where the male and female loops start, about 1/8 inches from edge.   For laundry tabs: 1. Rip out the stitching all around the old laundry tab. 2. Center new laundry tab over stitching holes, and stitch 1/8 inch from edge to secure.   For the Aplix strip: 1. Rip out the stitching from the Aplix strip, and cut off near the edge binding. 2. Cut the Aplix strip to measure 1 inch less than the width of the front panel. 3. Position the strip about 1 inch below the top binding. 4. Stitch around the strip, about 1/8 inch from edge of Aplix.   Enjoy the new life on your diapering products!
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  • You should sell replacement Aplix tabs. Just an idea, I know I would buy some!

    Chantal Myers on
  • It is a thought, thanks, Chantal!


    Sonya on

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