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How many diapers do I need?

image of cloth diaper
Thirsties recommends these amounts based on washing every other day: Newborn: 20-24 diapers 6-12 months: 14-18 diapers 12-24 months: 12-16 diapers Potty Learning: 4-8 diapers How many covers do I need? A single Thirsties Duo Wrap or Thirsties Diaper Cover can be wiped clean and reused 3-5 times before requiring a full washing. Newborn–9 months: 1 wrap for every 3 diapers 9 months–18 months: 1 wrap for every 4 diapers 18 months to potty: 1 wrap for 5 diapers *Please note, not all diapers require a cover.  Many diapers include a waterproof shell.  Diapers that require a separate cover include Flats, Prefolds, Contoured, Inserts, and Fitteds.
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  • Exactly the information I’ve been googling, except you’ve got it all here in one spot, brief and to the point. This is very helpful for us newbies. Thanks!

    Charlo on
  • this is good to know because U an just building my stash@!

    victor Zeledon on

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