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More Spring Activities for Kids

more spring activities for young children

As I sit and write this, I can see an icy freezing rain fall outside and hear the wind whip at the trees and windows. Mind you, it’s April 15th. And I know there are people who are currently enduring snow. I’m not a complainer, but I think we can all’s a bit much.

So, as I did last year when spring had an equally difficult time stopping by for a visit, I thought it’d be fun to find some fun springtime activities that we’ll be able to do with the kids. Eventually. Promise. It’ll get here. Someday! So, here we go! Some simple, fun activities that are perfect for celebrating the coming of spring...whether it feels like it or not!

Fun spring books for kids

Great Spring Books for Kids - This booklist is a nice mix of topics and characters, featuring old favorites and new soon-to-be classics. I’m partial to Bear, Caterpillar, and “And Then It’s Spring” in particular.

bug arts and crafts project

Build-a-Bug - When our son was too young to cut and was still working on his fine motor skills, we would make a bunch of pre-cut construction paper shapes available for him to make pictures. I love this idea to make bugs with no frustration (only fun!) for the littles. And, honestly, I know he’ll want to do this right along with our 2-year-old (even though he’s a “big boy” of 5). This site also has a similar idea for flowers; try combining them to give the bugs a home!

simple nature scavenger hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunt - I love this particular nature walk idea because it’s super open-ended and child-driven with just enough guidance. Not too specific and super fun, suggestions like “find something round” or “find something rough” is a great sensory experience.  spring themed sensory tub Spring Sensory Tub - Nope, they didn’t use real dirt (although you could if you were brave...I’m not, haha!). There are so many opportunities for fine motor development, storytelling, imaginative play, simple science, and calming hands-on free time with a sensory bucket like this.

gnome fairy garden DIY

Easy Gnome (or Fairy) Cups - A fairy garden may be a little complicated for little fingers, but a smaller activity that’s pretty much compiling cute pieces together like this is just downright fun. Most of the materials can be found at a dollar store (but more complicated ones can be ordered online or found at a craft store) and if your kids are anything like mine, they’ll probably tell a story to go along with the scene...along with a name for your family’s little gnome or fairy.

 how to plant sunflowers with kids

Grow Sunflowers - If your weather’s warm enough, your kids can plant them right into the ground, but if you’re still getting frost (like us) you can get the excitement going by starting the seeds inside. We use eggshells to start our seeds, but use whatever you want! I figure that if we start it now, it’ll be ready to grow when the warmth finally hits.

 fun games with a ball for kids

Outdoor Ball Games - Some kids can go outside and play with a ball independently all day long. Others need some suggestions after a few minutes. This gives you 6 ideas that you can simplify or enhance depending on your child’s ability level. Either way, these games are super fun and great for hand-eye coordination.

What are you looking forward to most when the warmer weather arrives? And if you’re in a warm weather location, let us know what you’re up to! We’d love to live vicariously through you!!

fun spring activities for kids

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