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My kids act a fool...should I be embarrassed?

The other day I was out shopping with my four and a half year old son, Brennan, at a natural grocery store chain. He was chattering away as he normally does while pushing his own little shopping cart. In and out of the aisles we went, all the while I tried to calmly redirect him toward the task at hand - get through the store without buying a ton of unnecessary items. Brennan, is a very imaginative little boy who likes to narrate his life to...I don't know the invisible people who may be watching The Brennan Show. Every outing is accompanied by his narrative. I don't think it's odd; I actually remember doing the same thing when I was a kid. Then it started happening more in my head than out loud which is probably a good thing.... Anyway, we got to the check out line and the cashier, who had been pushing loads of stock back and forth across the store to various displays made a comment to me about Brennan. She said something to the extent of, but not these actual words, "He sure has a lot to say, doesn't he?" I didn't think anything of it to be honest, it was just a passing moment. I knew that she could tell that I was getting frustrated with the situation so her words were meant more as a means of condolences than anything else. The more I thought about Brennan's behavior in the store the more I wondered if I was just immune to his constant chattering, his narrative, the things that make Brennan, well, Brennan. I don't even hear the sounds of my children when we're in public because I hear them. All. day. long. Today while in a large wholesale store, the kids were sitting in the cart together. Brennan started singing and then Kendall, my two-year-old daughter, had to see his song and raise him five notches in volume. People were starting to stare and as soon as our eyes met I felt their unspoken words; "Get it together and control your children, Mom." Do I really need to? I mean it's a gigantic store and it's Sunday, in the early afternoon. Everyone's out shopping and the place is a zoo! Yet, my husband and I separated our two lovely children as soon as Kendall started yelling, "No! Brenna!!! Mine!!!" (She calls her older brother "Brenna" that cute little girl.) I think unsuspecting Brennan happened to be drinking some lemonade from his own sippy cup but we're at the stage of the mines so anything Kendall sees is in her jurisdiction and therefore, "hers." Then there's the restroom, where I've been with both of my children, in the handicap stall while road-tripping by myself. Suddenly the game of tag that's taking place while I'm peeing turns into let's open the door on mom since she's in a compromised position. Lovely and so embarrassing; I'm trying to pee and yet not completely freak out at both of my kids while other women are trying to use the bathroom in peace!!! What do you think about your child(ren)'s behavior out in public? Do you feel like you're just immune to the loudness or is it just me?
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  • Ooo! I love that idea, Jessica!

    Bert on
  • My favorite grocery store trips as a nanny were when the 3 year old boy decided to be a “bunny” and “hop” his way around the store, except that he was on his hands and knees. Fortunately, it was a local health food store that was very kid-friendly, small, and not busy during the time we went, so we got more amused looks than annoyed ones. And, I told him he could be the bunny as long as he stayed near the cart – so he wasn’t any further away than if he had been walking “normally”. There are only so many things you really HAVE to tell a kid “no” to if you don’t want them to be told “no” all the time. I decided this was one occasion where I was safe enough to pick my battles. :)

    Stephanie on
  • I try to pay attention to my children when we are out and about, so I can teach them how to behave. They all have days where they are going to be obnoxious, but they are still learning. :) When I am really tired I tend to tune out there loudness,though, and sometimes pull up the cart suddenly realizing the kids are being REALLY loud. lol! (I have four so loud is LOUD.)

    Brooke on
  • Once my child threw a horrific fit. I turned on my camera and immediately (after I realized he was going to go full toddler melt down) I told him calmly… I am recording you to show people like grandma how you act when you go out with Mommy! he was shocked after a moment or two of realizing he was going to be outed as a naughty boy and never did it again! If he started trouble like that again that I would tape him and hes never done it since!

    jessica long on
  • I understand completely! Usually my kids are behaved well enough in the grocery store. My 7yr old chatters non stop while my almost 2yr old is typically content holding whatever item she has randomly decided to cling to. Our issue comes at check-out time when my youngest has to pass her “item of choice” to the cashier to be rung up. For the last month this has caused a mini, yet loud meltdown of sorts. I usually ask the cashier to ring her item either first or last to minimize the scene. Once she was so clingly to a can of baked beans that she refused to let them go the whole car ride home until about 30 minutes after we had already put the groceries away.

    Shalaina on

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