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Organic Cloth Wipes

Thirsties Cloth Wipes
We are thrilled to introduce Thirsties NEW Organic Cloth Wipes. These two-sided reusable wipes are gentle enough to use on baby’s most delicate areas, yet perfect for handling bigger, sticky messes that can occur during diaper changes. Here are three reasons why you'll love our new Organic Cloth Wipes.   Quality Once you get your hands on Thirsties Organic Cloth Wipes you'll that see they are super soft and made to last. At Thirsties Inc., we're committed to bringing our customers the very best products available without compromising our values. Caring about the health of your little ones and the environment is important to us so using organic cotton for our new wipes simply made sense.
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Measuring 8 x 8.5 inches, Thirsties Organic Cloth Wipes are made to wipe clean even the messiest of diaper changes. Unlike many other wipes on the market, Thirsties Organic Cloth Wipes are two-ply and two-sided. One side is smooth organic cotton for easy clean-ups, while the other is organic cotton terry for bigger jobs. Both sides are buttery-soft and gentle on baby's bum, especially when paired with Thirsties Booty Luster baby wipe solution mist. Thirsties Organic Cloth Wipes go beyond the changing table. They make wonderful baby wash clothes for hands, face, and bath time. Savings for You and the Environment Did you know that you could save up to $500 by using cloth wipes throughout your baby's time in diapers?  Thristies Organic Cloth Wipes come in a 6-pack of gender-neutral colors, including: 2 Moss, 2 Mango and 2 White. When you choose cloth wipes over disposable wipes you're not just saving money you're reducing your carbon footprint. Thirsties Organic Cloth Wipes help you care for your baby, your pocket book, and the environment. To celebrate exciting launch of our Organic Cloth Wipes, for a limited time we are offering a gift with purchase: Buy a package of Thirsties Organic Cloth Wipes and get an 8oz bottle of Thirsties Booty Luster for FREE! Check out Thirsties Facebook and Instagram pages for opportunities to win a pack of Organic Cloth Wipes and bottle of Booty Luster. Giveaways run until Friday February 19th. Good luck and happy cloth diapering!
image of cloth wipes
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