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The Mixed-Up Stash

(Not to be confused with Eric Carle's The Mixed-Up Chameleon, although its theme of "you do you" would be right at home here today.)
We recently shared a post about the fact that there’s no one “right” way to cloth diaper, along with one discussing the importance of supporting the diverse reasons behind cloth diapering for #ClothCommunity Day. Whether you’re a part-timer (we still are) or a full-timer, use only one brand or have an array of options, there really is no wrong way to do it. In my low-stress cloth diapering post, some were surprised to hear that we’ve been partial to all-in-one style diapers ever since my daughter was still a newborn. They thought that a Duo Wrap with a prefold or flat combination was the way to cloth diaper a newborn. It made me realize that literally EVERYONE has different cloth diapering experiences and preferences. While I hate the saying, it’s true; there’s more than one way to skin a cat.   Case in point: our 3-month-old, Harper. We’re using a couple of different brands (although Thirsties is undoubtedly our hands-down favorite, even if I wasn't affiliated with them!), mostly because we had a small stash that we used for the limited CDing we did with our son. So, between pure cost (and, admittedly, laziness - I’m totally devoid of any free time to pull the things out of rotation and resell) and necessity, most of our stash is made up of AIOs. We also have a ton of prefolds that we use with covers and a Duo Wrap or two. So, all together, we use whatever we have washed and ready at the time: AIOs and prefolds/covers. Thanks to a local green business (sadly) going out of business a few years ago, I own a couple pockets and AI2s. With such a varied stash (and so many types of diapers on the market), it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Yet, this is advice #1 offered by many sage, experienced CD mamas: buy (or rent) a variety of styles before committing to your favorite(s). While I agree with it, this tip always bugged me. “But I want to be TOTALLY ready when baby comes!” I thought. In hindsight, I realize that this could very well be one of the reasons that cloth diapering didn’t work my first time around. I had pigeon-holed myself because I had read about a particular brand (that was used by my favorite bloggers - so, it MUST be awesome, right??), a brand that ended up being the least favorite in my stash. Blah. So, this time? I’m making do with the variety I’ve accumulated and remembering to leave room for adjustments as the baby gets older. As with all things baby, I’ve learned that flexibility is key. When we finally try an overnight solution, I realize that it’ll be trial-and-error, and most likely completely different than our daytime routine. Plus, there’s always B/S/T groups to weed and replenish my stash with what I’ve found to be my true love: Thirsties AIOs. Are you a “one style” family or do you have a good variety of diaper styles? We’d love to hear what works for you!   author-bio
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