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So you are done with diapers?

An expression that all parents can agree on: The days are long, but the years are short.

Whether the stage of “being out of diapers” is 2 years, 3 years, 4 years…or a few days away, it seems to feel fast and unexpected, because surely our babies are not growing up that quickly? The emotions that accompany every transition in our children’s lives can be intense, and this is certainly a stark one that marks leaving behind a “baby” stage for one of *child*, so it is perfectly okay to need to take a few breaths while figuring out what comes next. 

After you have washed, dried, checked for stains and spots, sorted and folded, you may be staring at that pile and be thinking- what now?

For some, another baby, or maybe-baby will be using the same diapers, if you have a stash that has been well cared for you will absolutely see life from them in a second or subsequent child. Maybe a friend or relative is excitedly awaiting your supply of diapers, and you will see the cutest pictures coming across in prints your family once loved!

Or, maybe your chapter for little ones has passed, and your pile of memories is now ready to be sold, repurposed, or donated for another baby to wear. Like most baby items, cloth diapers have a life beyond one child, and there are many organizations that are happy to take on your beloved memories and let them mark a new chapter for another family.

How does one donate their cloth diapers?


We do recommend a deep clean of diapers to donate. Speak with the organization beforehand as to their specifications, some may require them to be bleached before sending, some may do that process in-house, so just being clean will be the requirement. Some may be able to do minor repairs, such as snaps or elastic, some may need them in full working condition. If you have diapers that need PUL repair or are no longer functional in their waterproof capacity, they may be done, and disposal of them may be the only option.

Picking a cloth diaper charity is the next step! If you do a quick google of “cloth diaper charities”, you will find local and global links. Thirsties supports Jake’s Diapers another updated list can be found here:

Especially in the time of COVID, please email prior to sending in your diapers to make sure donations are being accepted.

Some things to check for, to ensure your donation is best used:

- Ask if the organization is a non-profit. If they are, they will be able to show you a valid 501c3 certificate that serves as verification. This process can be a lengthy and expensive one, so newer organizations may still have a pending status. If the organization either does not have this status yet or is for-profit, it is up to your comfort level in making a donation.

- Ask the organization if they are inclusive in who they serve. It is expected that they will have boundaries on the age of the baby, the number of diapers sent, and the expectation to have them sent back (with or without a deposit required), but factors such as religion, age, race and more should *never* be used to deny or give a family a necessary service.

- Ask the organization how they fundraise, see if you recognize brands they support or that support them, and do some checks to ensure they are ethical in how they raise funds. Also ask if you can see a corporate snapshot on how funds are used, transparency with percentages of funding is always a good sign the organization is able to handle their mission well and help the most families they can.

Finally, you will reach the day where your fluffy lovelies are packed in a box and ready to go. It is perfectly fine to give them one last pat to remember all the diaper changes that meant a meaningful moment between you and your growing child. Remember though, even though the next chapter looks different, it will be full of new memories and stages to love, and your donation will continue to share the love.

We want to thank you for making Thirsties a part of your families' diapering journeys. Remember when your last little one graduates from their Thirsties cloth diapers you do not have to graduate from our eco-conscious parenting community so don't be a stranger!

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