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The cloth diaper community: I love this group of parents!

Have you ever had this scenario happen? You're with a group of parents, doing the small talk thing because you've just
recently met each other and aren't quite comfortable baring your heart and soul, when suddenly you find out by chance, that the woman who has been sitting kitty-corner to you the entire meal also uses cloth diapers on her baby. Your face perks up and you think to yourself, "Ah! A fellow cloth diaper user!" The conversation quickly changes from small talk to fluff talk and the two of you are quickly forming a close relationship...all based on your use of cloth diapers on your children. See, that's what I love about the cloth diaper community: You could seemingly have absolutely nothing in common with another parent you're becoming acquainted with but the second both of you discover that you use cloth diapers there's a bond. It doesn't matter if the mother next to you uses formula or if the woman in front of you at the grocery store happens to co-sleep with all of her children in a family bed. You two have a common thread that ties you together: cloth diapers. The bond of cloth diaper use is a strong one and I've been trying for a few months to figure out what it is about these adorable fluffy butts that can make even the most diametrically opposed individuals gush and rave about their favorite kind of cloth diaper. Perhaps it's because using cloth diapers isn't the norm any more? Or maybe it's because there is a bit of a learning curve to taking care of your diapers that every caretaker experiences? Whatever the case, the cloth diaper community is one parenting community that's hard to beat. I have seen countless mothers on my own blog's Facebook page offer up advice to complete strangers simply because they were having a problem with their pocket diapers leaking at night. I have actually become better friends with a few women because we all use cloth diapers on our children.
I really believe that for me, part of the reason why I have successfully cloth diapered two children (with number three on the way) is because of the amazing community of cloth diapering parents. They are supportive and all want to see another cloth diaper using parent succeed. In today's competitive world, that my friends, is a rare and wonderful find. So cherish your cloth diaper using friends, near and far, and remind them how much you appreciate their acceptance and help!
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  • I’m new to cloth diapering but I’m very excited to get started. I luckily have a good friend who cloth diapers and she has been a big help getting started.

    Sarah on
  • First time cloth diapering and have chosen to use thirsties :)

    Marie berlongieri on
  • Can’t wait to start cloth diapering!!

    Amanda Lea on
  • I find the cloth diaper community on Facebook particularly helpful, and interesting in terms of on-line communities in that in general most mamas are so nice and the vast majority of the drama gets left behind when it comes to cloth.

    Leela R. on
  • Love ur diapers

    Kandis Powers on

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