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Thirsties Pocket Diapers: Synthetic vs. Natural

image of two cloth diapers opened up

The Thirsties pocket diaper has been around for many years, but more recently, we have added a natural option to the pocket diaper design. There are benefits to both and each will serve your cloth diapering needs in a different way.

In this article, we are going to compare the Thirsties Natural Pocket Diaper and the original Thirsties Pocket Diaper.




The original pocket and the natural pocket actually have several similarities between them. The first is their size. Both pocket diapers are made to fit babies approximately 8-35lbs. To accomplish this one size design, they also both have rise snaps on the front of the diaper, used to make the diaper longer or shorter.

Most importantly, both designs have the Thirsties signature double gusset which is great for not only leak protection, but for adding extra absorbency when you need it.

Another great design feature that both diapers share is the sleeve design, an opening at the front and the back of the pocket diaper. This feature allows you to put pocket diapers directly into the washer, without unstuffing, because Thirsties pocket diapers have inserts that agitate out in the wash.

A double insert is another similarity between the two products. Both have a smaller insert and a larger insert and, although the fiber blends are much different, each have a fast absorbing material on the top and a stable absorber on the bottom. The bottom layer of this double insert also comes with a double snap that allows you to size your insert down to accommodate newborns and smaller babies.



The most noticeable difference between the original and natural pockets is their inserts. The top layer of the original pocket is three thirsty layers of microfiber paired with five layers of Thirsties signature cotton/hemp blend on the bottom, which both diapers have.

However, the natural pocket diaper has one insert comprised of three layers of organic cotton and the same bottom insert as the original, 5 layers of Thirsties' signature hemp/organic cotton blend.

The shell of the original pocket gives no layer of absorbency as it is a layer of polar fleece. However, the natural pocket diaper gives one extra layer of absorbency in its one layer of organic cotton. But, overall, the nine layers of organic cotton and cotton/hemp blend will be more absorbent than the original pocket diaper.

So, let's recap.

The Thirsties original Pocket Diaper is less expensive (it retails for 21.75 MSRP), it's not as trim as the natural option and it's less absorbent than the natural option. But, it gives wetness protection for babies with wetness sensitivity and it absorbs faster than the natural pocket as the microfiber is a fast absorbing fiber.

The Thirsties Natural Pocket Diaper is more expensive (it retails for 23.75 MSRP), but it is more absorbent that the original, trimmer than the original and does not risk compression leaks like the original version.

Do you have more questions? Check out Laura's #ThirstiesLive all about Thirsties pocket diapers!

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