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Thirsties Year in Review 2020

Thirsties products and prints of 2020

2020, the year everyone can't wait to say good-bye too, amirite!?! Before we put 2020 in the rearview mirror let's take a moment and remember that though this year filled the world with much heartache, Thirsties as a community and a company, saw some rainbows amidst the storm.

Reusables to the Rescue


When disposable diapers and even toilet paper were hard to come by reusable products like Thirsties cloth diapers and wipes came to the rescue!

The global pandemic and resulting lockdowns brought many new families to the cloth community. We are so grateful for our fabulous tribe, The Thirsties Groupies, and how they welcome and help cloth diapering newbies. We also have to thank our wonderful retailers who put in many extra hours serving the cloth community, pivoting their business practices, and keeping their chins up during uncertain times.

Thirsties Products & Prints of 2020


Over the course of 2020, we managed to deliver on some long-awaited #ThirsitesGroupies requests. We added three new products to the Thirsties line up:

Despite needing to tweak our originally-planned release schedule we came out with a delightful bunch of limited edition prints: Otterly in Love, Green Scene, Jaws Two, Fish Tales, Cruising, We All Scream, Alice Brights III, and Polar Plaid. Remember those wonderful hard-working Thirsties retailers I just mentioned? Many of them partnered with us to do some fantastic retailer exclusives in 2020.

unity thirsties #blacklivesmatter cloth diaper print

Here is "Unity" a beautiful exclusive with Fluff Journey featuring artwork by artist Fatina Harbali. Proceeds from this print were donated to the NAACP. To close out the year we re-released two customer favorites, Rainbow and Floribunda, and added a lovely new solid, Seafoam, to the regular Thirsties line up of products.

2020 has certainly been a year to remember for the good and the bad. We would love to hear what was your favorite thing from Thirsties this year. Thank you for making Thirsties a part of your journey. We can't wait to show you what we have planned for 2021!

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  • Love watching the videos and learning something new everytime. First time mom and cloth diapers since the beginning and loving it

    Camille Orange on
  • We just started using reusable wipes! At first I was skeptical, but we love them and they’re so gentle on our little one!

    Kathryn Tietz on
  • Thanks for such a welcoming community this year!!!! We were just about to announce our pregnancy as the lockdown began and missed out on so many normal pregnancy sharing moments with friends and family. The virtual community on the groupies page helped us prepare so much and connect in such a meaningful way with other mommas as we welcomed our first LO a few months ago. I’ve loved the advice, perspectives, and camaraderie this year has brought!!

    Melanie Laird on
  • I am so glad I found your brand…it was the start of my cloth journey and I am so glad I did more research. All because of a cute diaper pattern!

    Elizabeth S on
  • That is great to hear!

    Laura Ankrum on

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