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Myths and Wonders of Flats

When a cloth diapering parent hears the word "flat", thoughts of tedious folding, leaking, and how-on-earth-will-I-get-this-on-my-wriggly-baby overtake our minds. I mean, just look at it, a plain, white, large square of organic cotton. #Boring

image of flat diaper

Bear with me for just a second...what if I told you that flats can be the diapers with the lowest cost, easiest washing, longest durability, and more versatile ways to keep leaks at bay, from newborns through toddlers?

image of baby
Shocking, I know!

Flats & Newborns


Flats are perfect for newborns who are leaky, explosive, and need the most diaper changes. You don't need extensive Origami training to be able to make this work! Simply fold into smaller squares for the perfect pad fold in the duo wrap, a fantastic tutorial can be found here.

You can also be creative with rolling in the sides, "The Bikini Twist" (sounds like a great summer dance party!) or a myriad of others ways to make this diaper fit perfectly, and contain everything your little bundle of joy can dish out. Flats, being fewer layers, are also incredibly easy to wash and very fast to machine or hang dry without the potential for mildew issues in thicker diapers.

Older babies and toddlers? Let's take a dive-

image of cloth diaper
A flat inside Thirsties Duo Wrap

The Versatility of Flats


Flats for older babies retain the same easy wash/dry perks that we went over for newborns, but hold some extra "pros" for those babies who are crawling, walking or getting close to potty learning.

Since flats can be use SO many ways they are arguably the most versatile style of cloth diaper. For some great folding tips, take a peek here:

Benefits of Flats


You can reuse your cover throughout the day, or replace if it becomes soiled, keeping costs to a minimum! And without elastics, snaps, seams or laminates, flats will last through potty learning for your little one, making the investment one that pays off over time.

And speaking of potty learning? With flat diapers, those natural wetness cues will be a great way for your toddler or preschooler to learn about their own body, and recognize the cues that facilitate the process.

Flats also make diapering a heavy wetter easy. With a number of ways to optimize absorbency where your toddler needs it most, and thin enough to layer hemp, bamboo or cotton inserts to hold overnight, and wrap absorbency all around (not just down the middle).

DID YOU KNOW that there is even a fun challenge for flat users? Every year hundreds of families enjoy challenging themselves to a week of using only flat diapers + covers, and handwashing. The Flats Challenge is a fun way to learn about flats and connect with like-minded families.

Flats combine the best of many perks of cloth diapering, and after your little one is out of diapers, can be repurposed into cleaning cloths, dust rags, or any number of uses for an absorbent piece of fabric. Consider adding one to your collection today!

Have you tried Thirsties flats? We would love to hear what you think!

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  • Oh thanks for the master list of folds! I’m about to have cloth diaper baby #3 and am looking forward to giving flats a try!

    Courtney Scruggs on
  • I’ve recently discovered how amazing flats can be. When is the Flat Challenge? I think I’d like to participate this year!

    Richelle Rogge on
  • I’m so excited to start my newborn stash for my next baby!!

    Julianna Cloutier on
  • These look awesome, I will definitely need to give them a try!

    Emma G on
  • I love flats. Fell in love with them in the Pickler fold when she was a newborn and still love them. Finally got a Thirsties one to try.

    Jennifer Reeves on

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