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Which Thirsties Fiber is the Most Absorbent? An Overview of the Thirsties Hemp Inserts

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Thirsties prints have been on fire lately! There are so many new colors and prints to choose from and 2019 has not disappointed us. However, the star of the Thirsties line is truly their signature 55% hemp/45% organic cotton inserts and diapers. This blend is unique to Thirsties and a staple for any cloth diapering system.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the uses for hemp inserts, why we love them, alternatives to them and how to care for them.

Uses for Hemp Inserts


Hemp inserts can be used in so many ways. My personal favorite is to use two hemp inserts, one small, one large in the duo wrap of my choice. If you have a front wetter, I would suggest folding the small hemp insert in half towards the front to give you extra coverage. Even folded in half, the hemp insert is less bulky than most prefold and cover systems.

image of diaper inserts

Thirsties’ hemp inserts are also perfect for pocket diapers. Pocket diapers are so customizable and the hemp inserts are the perfect size and shape for use in a Thirsties pocket diaper. If you need even more absorbency, you can always pair one large hemp insert underneath a Thirsties cotton doubler for more protection against leaks.

But let’s say that it’s really AIOs (All In Ones) that have your heart. A small Thirsties hemp insert is the perfect size to act as a booster to your AIOs. Using the original AIOs, you would place your hemp insert underneath your synthetic layer for maximum leak protection.

#ThirstiesTip Remember, My Cloth Baby is Happy. In order from fastest absorbing to slowest, fibers should be laid in this order: Microfiber, Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp. In other words, you’ll always want your hemp inserts to be at the bottom of your absorbency configuration.

Why We Love Them


Thirsties hemp inserts are so wonderfully trim! I loved that I could use them in almost any cloth diapering system without adding bulk to my diaper. This is especially important for nighttime cloth diapering systems. Hemp inserts will keep baby from waking up wet overnight and help baby sleep longer too.

As a natural fiber, Thirsties hemp inserts are also easier to clean than synthetic fibers. They come clean more easily and lift stains more easily too. Many caregivers prefer natural fibers versus synthetic when cloth diapering and love that these inserts come in two different sizes, small and large.


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A great alternative to Thirsties hemp inserts is the Thirsties Natural One Size All In One diaper. The inners of the NAIO are made of the same signature 55% hemp/45% organic cotton that makes up the hemp inserts, with the convenience of an All In One.

Another alternative to the hemp inserts would be the Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold. Prefolds are so versatile and can be folded to customize absorbency for baby through toddler. Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds are quick to dry, easy to clean and grow with your baby. Two layers in each panel provide twelve thirsty layers when trifolded in your Thirsties Duo Wrap.

Another alternative to the Thirsties hemp inserts are the Thirsties All In Two Inserts. Thirsties AI2 come in Stay Dry, Natural Stay Dry and Natural Duo varieties. What's great about Thirsties cloth diaper systems is that it is so easy to make small changes as baby grows and they enter new stages. Maybe as an infant you need to use the Stay Dry AI2, but for your toddler, you need two large hemp inserts to get maximum absorbency with minimum bulk. Either way, Thirsties grows with you!


Wash and Care


Washing and caring for your Thirsties Hemp Inserts is so easy. Here's some easy to follow wash and care instructions:

To prep:

Thirsties Hemp products need to be washed and dried at least three times before use to rid the fibers of the natural oils. This is done separately from your other diapering products for the first 3 washes. The hemp products will be fully primed and at their maximum absorbency after 8 wash cycles.

To wash:

Prewash on warm with half the amount of recommended detergent. Heavy duty wash on hot with the full amount of recommended detergent. Add another rinse on warm and dry on medium heat.




So, what do you do when you have lots of hemp inserts, but are no longer cloth diapering? My husband likes to use them for mopping and cleaning. Some use them as momma cloth or as a barrier for car seats and strollers when potty learning. I have had hemp inserts that lasted us six years and were still passed on to other mommas who were cloth diapering. If you need a workhorse insert for any cloth diapering system, this is it.

Have you found the hemp insert love? Share how you use hemp inserts with us in the comments! You can shop Thirsties cloth diapers at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. For other cloth diaper tips and tricks, you can visit Thirsties on Facebook or join the online community, Thirsties Groupies. And don’t forget to checkout Thirsties Instagram feed, @thirstiesinc.

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