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Word of the Year for 2017

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Sometimes it's a resolution. Sometimes it's a list of goals. Sometimes it's simply one word. Whatever you choose, the coming of a new year is the perfect time to hit the reset button on life and analyze the areas of your life where you're totally killing it - and where you could use some work. While I've got a ton of areas to work on (don't we all?!), I like to pick a single word that helps focus my attitude and attack strategy, as it were. This year I also made a casual list of specifics - from finding constructive ways to destress with yoga and essential oils to creating time each week to write - but the ultimate goal can be summed up in one word: POSITIVITY. Originally, my goal was to “focus” more, but I felt this word encapsulated the true goal of 2017. Many, myself included, found 2016 to be a bummer, or even depressing in its occurrences. The last thing I want is to allow it to continue eating away at my psyche and have adverse affects on my kids, family, work, and more. While much of what happens in the world is terrifying and out of my control, there are many things I can do to cultivate positivity (as well as positive change) in my own sphere. Since the common bond everyone reading here shares is parenthood (some of you are parents-to-be, others have little ones, still more have kids who have outgrown diapers), I'd like to focus on the parenting aspect of our resolutions. So, in terms of my “word of the year”, I hope to bring joy and positivity back into our family life. To look at discipline as an opportunity for learning (and not just for the child) and to take a step back before tempers flare. To take the dread out of mundane tasks by getting the kids involved or adding an element of fun. To explore our new neighborhood together with an open mind to adventure and possible friendship. To plan a vacation that appeals to all four of us. The list goes on, but I ultimately want to embrace the joyful ages that my kids are currently experiencing (at ages 4 and 1) because we all know well that it goes by without so much as a second thought. I'm excited to hear what your “word of the year” for your family is this year. Is it a single goal or broader philosophy? Drop us a line in the comments!


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