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7 Cloth Diapering Responses for Family at the Holidays


Family get-togethers can be awkward. Relationships that have evolved from childhood can have weird dynamics. People say things they wouldn't normally say to a friend, colleague, or stranger right off the street. The differences between family members show clear rifts.

Then, the dreaded topic is brought up. That's right. Cloth diapers. (Why? What did you think I was going to say? ;-)) Obviously, people are dealing with some high emotions this year more than any other as the holiday season enters the radar. I thought I'd share some humorous and/or downright blunt talking points to use when a family member judges your choice to cloth diaper. They’re meant in all kindness and with humor - since we know that many families and friends are very supportive of cloth diapering - but may give you a good chuckle to consider using any for any of those eyebrow-raising aunts who’ve argued with you over your choice to cloth diaper. The trick? USE HUMOR TO DEFLECT...AND JUST A TOUCH OF SNARK: “You mean they make ones you can THROW OUT these days?! Mind. Blown.” “Thanks for your thoughts. It’s so neat that my child's excrement makes for such interesting dinner conversation!” (To aunts/uncles/parents/grandparents, after listening to all their thoughts.) “Thank you so much for your advice. Now, what did your parents use to diaper you?” “You think this is crazy? You should see our co-sleeping, breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, babywearing house! Cloth diapers are no big. Now, have you tried my my homemade kimchi?” “Between you and me, they're really more for me than for the baby. I'm addicted to the adorable styles!” (Hey. Sometimes brutal honesty is a unifier!) “I appreciate your thoughts on the diapers, but we appreciate them for their cost savings/eco-friendliness/cuteness…” (Fill in the blank with your favorite, honest to goodness cloth diapering reasoning.) (To someone who’s already a parent who brings up the “poop issue.”) “Wait...don’t all parents have to deal with poop regardless of the diaper they choose? Or is your Johnny’s poop somehow less gross? This is fascinating...” And only to be used when encountering an extreme staunch cloth diaper detractor and you’re experiencing a “break glass in case of emergency” moment: “So...who’d everyone vote for?” (Just kidding. That’s never acceptable.)   Hopefully you won't have to use any of these (but if you do, be sure to say it with a smile) and that your holidays are fun, low-key, and completely devoid of all those keep-it-to-yourself awkward (or downright infuriating) topics! We'd love to hear your best comeback to anyone who has questioned your cloth diapers! Share your favorite for others who truly understand your pain.


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