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Adding Absorbency to Newborn Diapers

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Do you ever feel like your newborn has outgrown the absorbency of your diapering system but not the size? You're not alone. It is common for newborns to need added absorbency to their newborn sized diapers to help deal with the increased output and frequency of output of a newborn's bladder. In this article, we are going to discuss how to add absorbency to a newborn's cloth diaper and which Thirsties products can help you do this.

Newborn Diapering Options


There are basically two newborn options in the Thirsties line: the newborn All In One style and the cover style. The All In One style, or AIO, is a one piece system. This means that the entire diaper goes on, the entire diaper comes off and there are no parts or pieces to this system. This cloth diaper is one piece and offered in two varieties: the synthetic original AIO and the natural AIO. This style is great for families who need something quick and easy with no parts or pieces.

The cover style is made up of either a newborn size Thirsties cover or a size one duo wrap and some sort of absorbency like a hemp insert, a hemp prefold, a fitted, or a Stay Dry Duo. These two pieces, a waterproof outer and an absorbent inner, make up the Thirsties cover system. This option is great for families on a budget or those wanting to add to their stash a little at a time over a long period of time.

Adding Absorbency to Synthetic Options


When adding absorbency to any diaper, you'll always want to make sure that you have the fastest absorbing fiber on top and the slowest absorbing fiber on the bottom. To remember, think My Cloth Baby is Happy: microfiber, cotton, bamboo and hemp in order of absorbency from fastest to slowest.

To add absorbency to synthetic options like the original newborn AIO, you will want to add your additional absorbency underneath your diaper's core. In other words, flip your absorbent microfiber/microfleece soaker pad up and you can add either a newborn organic cotton doubler or a small organic cotton doubler underneath.

#ThirstiesTip Remember to always place the core of your absorbency or the area with the most layers closest to your baby's wetness zone, or the area where their output is normally concentrated.

Don't forget, fit first! Make sure that you are paying attention to the fit of your newborn AIO as you are adding your absorbency. If you overstuff, or add too much, you will have leg gaps that will cause leaks. You want to add absorbency without changing the perfect fit of your cloth diaper.

Adding Absorbency to Natural Options


Adding absorbency to your natural fiber diapers like the Thirsties Natural Newborn AIO is so quick and easy. You can grab the Thirsties Organic Cotton Doubler and lay it right on top for the perfect absorbency addition to your Natural Newborn AIO. Or, you could choose to use a newborn fitted under your Duo Wrap and a Thirsties Stay Dry Doubler as your added absorbency for that style.

Whichever combination you choose, remember to check to make sure that all your absorbency remains inside your waterproof outer to prevent leaks. There is almost no limit to the different ways you can customize your newborn absorbency and that's just one of the many reasons we love cloth diapers!

#ThirstiesTip Want more bang for your buck? Try using a Thirsties organic cotton wipe to add more absorbency to your natural AIO. The organic cotton is the same material as that of the organic cotton doubler, and can provide just the right amount of added absorbency.

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