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An Ode to Coffee by a Sleepy Mother

Bubble, boil Drip, Plop! Hissing steam of fragrant broth, Awakening a mother sloth. Faster, faster! Percolate! Any longer is too late! Messy hair and shuffling feet, Hurry towards my caffeine treat. Dark and fragrant in my cup Fill it to the tippy top Room for cream and sugar, sure I think I need a little more. Wrap my hands around my mug, Like a warm and loving hug. Just one sip, a blissful sigh, From puffy eyes to opened wide. The sleepy fog around my brain Evaporates like desert rain. In my head the gears start churning, Pistons pumping, engines burning. Another sip and just in time Of magic potion, so divine. I tilt my head like mother hen, And hear a thump (or more like ten) And down they come, all three pairs, Of small feet upon the stairs.



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  • I’ve been working on getting up before my toddler in order to enjoy my cup of coffee however it seems lately he has caught on to me. He’s waking earlier and earlier now too!

    Monica on
  • I’ve mostly given up coffee during my pregnancy. Boy do I miss it!

    Laurie on
  • So true! Oh how I treasure that alone mommy time in the morning with my coffee

    Beth R on
  • Very nice!

    Angela on
  • Yes! so good! :)

    Morgan Carlisle on

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