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The Best Cloth Diaper Cover for Leak Protection: An Overview of the Thirsties Duo Wrap

image of Thirsties Duo Wrap
For the most part, all cloth diapering systems are comprised of two pieces: one that is absorbent and one that prevents leaks. In other words, you need a waterproof layer to prevent leaks and an absorbent layer to successfully soak up liquids when cloth diapering. Thirsties Duo Wrap diaper covers are completely waterproof yet remain breathable, pliable, and comfortable for baby's skin. A trim fit, double gusset leak protection and super soft bindings work together to create that signature fit while keeping leaks away. Duo Wrap sizing and care is so simple and because you can use the same Duo Wrap three to four times, you’ll need fewer wraps in your rotation as well. In this article, we will breakdown the fit features, how to choose absorbency and laundry care tips for all your Thirsties Duo Wraps. First, let’s talk fit!

Fit Features

There are lots of covers on the market right now, but Thirsties Duo Wrap is so thoughtfully designed, the signature fit is just perfect. The three sizes help alleviate bunching and excess material without having to size your cover up four or even five times before potty learning. Here's how to choose the right size for baby:
  1. Size One Duo Wraps are recommended for babies 6-18 lbs. Having a rough estimate of your baby's weight is a great place to start, but don't forget to consider which type of absorbency you will be using for your Duo Wrap. If you choose to go with a bulkier all cotton prefold, you may need to size up sooner than you think. At the same time, if you choose the trimmer Duo Hemp Prefolds, you may be able to squeeze a few extra pounds out of your size ones before moving up.
  2. Size Two Duo Wraps are recommended for babies 18-40 lbs. Consider again your fiber choice before making the decision to size up. You're looking for a snug, flat fit, so don't be tempted to size up too early either.
  3. Size Three Duo Wraps are recommended for toddlers and preschoolers 40-60+ lbs. This is Thirsties' newest Duo Wraps style and so important for toddlers and beyond that aren't quite ready for potty learning.
So, what makes Thirsties Duo Wraps different from other covers? Double gussets around the leg elastics provide even more leak protection than other covers. Because no one wants to deal with a diaper blowout. Ever. Speaking of elastics, not only do Duo Wraps have double gussets around the legs to protect against leaks, they also have elastic on both the back and front waist panels to help create that perfect fit. Being able to stretch both the back and front panels allows caregivers to choose waist snaps easily and properly. #ProTip When fitting your waist snaps, secure the snap closest to baby's back first, then the last wing snap. This will allow you to find your perfect fit and secure it before snapping the rest of the cover. Three inches of waterproof TPU at the front panel of your Duo Wrap closest to baby's tummy will enhance your leak protection as well. Leak proof nap time? Yes, please. Each Duo Wrap size also has three rise settings each. Choosing your rise setting first will help you determine which waist snaps are correct for baby's size. On the Size One Duo Wrap for instance, the lowest rise setting, or snapping the cover all the way down, is typically used for babies 6-10 lbs. Babies 10-15 lbs may fit the middle rise setting while completely unsnapping the rise snaps will best fit babies 15-18lbs. However, it is more important that you choose the rise setting that best fits your baby, not necessarily the setting that falls into baby's weight recommendation. If you reach a point that your cover doesn't seem to fit as exactly as it once did, that usually means it's time to let out a rise and find a new waist snap! #ThirstiesTip The perfect fit is flat! Look for a flat rise setting, flat bottom and smooth Duo Wrap all around. Bunching, extra material or pulling can result in leaks. And don’t forget about sizing up your Duo Wrap when the time is right. Choosing the wrong size can also result in bunching and leaks.

Choosing Absorbency

Choosing the right absorbency for your Duo Wrap will help prevent leaks and keep baby comfortable. As your baby grows and changes, the ‘right’ absorbency will most likely change quite a bit. You’ll need enough absorbent material to prevent leaks, but not so much that your diaper is too bulky or that the leg and waist elastics don’t fit snuggly. Prefolds are a popular absorbency choice for Duo Wraps because they are so versatile. Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds are 25% more absorbent than a prefold of the same weight made from cotton alone and come in two sizes, size one recommended for 6-18 lb babies and size two recommended for 18-40 lb babies. Made with the Thirsties signature 55% hemp/45% organic cotton, Duo Hemp Prefolds can simply be tri-folded and laid inside your Duo Wrap without having to use pins or Snappis. Cleaning prefolds is easy and the Duo Hemp Prefold even has an open layer on the inside to make sure that each layer of fiber is thoroughly cleaned in your washer. The Duo Hemp Prefold is much trimmer than cotton prefolds, which makes it simple to get a great fit, no matter which size you are using. The Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert is another Duo Wrap combination favorite because it features a stay dry layer that wicks wetness away from baby, leaving baby feeling dry. The Stay Dry Duo Insert actually has two inserts that snap together to make one complete absorbency system. I know that extra steps aren’t everyone’s favorite thing when it comes to cloth diaper laundry, but in this case, it’s absolutely worth it. The first insert is constructed of two layers of Thirsties’ fast absorbing microfiber terry and topped with the stay dry and stain-resistant microfleece. The second insert, which should be snapped to the underside of the microfiber insert, consists of 5 layers of the super-absorbent 55% hemp/45% organic cotton jersey. It’s like the perfect problem solving blend of ‘please don’t wake up because you feel wet’ and ‘please don’t leak because you like to pee three times a nap’ all in one. #ThirstiesTip There aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to absorbency. If you find an insert or prefold or combination of both that is working for you, use it! At the same time, if there are pieces in your absorbency collection that aren’t working very well for your current stage, hang onto them. As your baby grows and changes, you may come back to certain pieces that you weren’t loving previously and be glad that you kept them around.

Laundry Tips and Care

Caring for your Duo Wraps is quick and easy. Start first by finding a cloth diaper safe detergent you love and prep your Duo Wrap. Another benefit to using covers? The prep is short and sweet. To prep your Duo Wrap, you’ll just need to wash once in your cloth diaper safe detergent and you are ready to use. To launder your Duo Wrap after use, you’ll need to:
    1. Pre-wash on WARM with half the amount of recommended detergent.
    1. Wash on HOT with the full amount of recommended detergent.
    1. Add another rinse on WARM.
  1. Hang dry or dry in your dryer on low.
#ThirstiesTip Your laundry routine shouldn’t be incredibly complicated. If you find that you are needing too many steps to get your diapers clean, using several products and/or different wash cycles to clean your diapers, reevaluate whether your diapers need a strip. Long term ammonia build up can leave your wash routine becoming more and more complicated without ever really resulting in clean diapers.


It took me a while to come around to covers and prefolds, but it was mostly because I didn’t know how easy they could be. I was pleasantly surprised to find that using prefolds and covers was not only budget friendly, but simple too. My cloth diapers were easy to clean, I needed less covers in my rotation and I needed to pack less in my diaper bag each day. #winning I can’t say enough how much it has helped to hang onto some of the cloth diaper styles that I didn’t think were working for us at different stages (especially the absorbency pieces). Having different styles in your diaper rotation makes it easier to choose exactly what you need for daytime, nap time and nighttime and makes your diapering system so much more versatile. Have you tried Thirsties’ Duo Wraps yet? We'd love for you to share your favorite thing about the Thirsties Duo Wrap below! Are you new to Thirsties’ Duo Wraps or cloth diapering in general? Please share any questions you may have. You can shop Thirsties Duo Wraps at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. For more cloth diaper tips and tricks, you can visit Thirsties on Facebook or join the online community, Thirsties Groupies.
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