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Celebrate #ClothCommunity Day

Hey, guys! I’m so glad that we could catch you in time to tell you about a fun day of celebration. Tomorrow (Feb. 2nd) is The 2nd Annual #ClothCommunity Day! Woohoo!! #clothcommunity Image courtesy[/caption]

The whole idea behind this day is for cloth diapering families to come together (in person and/or online) to promote the awesome idea that there is no right or wrong way to cloth diaper. It’s a great day of support and awareness that will also hopefully help #makeclothmainstream! This year, the theme is FAMILIES OF CLOTH, with an emphasis on reaffirming our commitment to being a diverse, unified community. Isn’t that so empowering? It’s super easy to participate. All you have to do is share positive affirmations through your favorite social media site(s). Pretty simple, right? Just handwrite or print a sign (which includes the hashtag #clothcommunity) telling folks that you support cloth and, if you choose, a positive reason that your family has chosen the cloth route. Snap a picture holding your affirmation and share, share, share away using your favorite social media, remembering to include the #clothcommunity tag so that we can see your support. It can be as simple as “We are a cloth family! #clothcommunity” or more personal, like these ideas from Mindy Farmer at The Inquisitive Mom (the brains behind this awesome event): - Our babies are treehuggers from birth. #clothcommunity - Cloth diapers help meet our child’s special needs. #clothcommunity - Instead of throwing away thousands of disposable diapers, our twins reuse cloth diapers. #clothcommunity - Military families save money with cloth diapers. #clothcommunity - Cloth diapers help support our family. #smallbusiness #clothcommunity - Families of Cloth are diverse. #clothcommunity Here’s mine! clothcommunity While showing support for the diverse, supportive #clothcommunity, we at Thirsties would LOVE to see some of your very own Thirsties-loving families represented. So, while you’re writing up your post, be sure to include #thirstiesbaby along with your #clothcommunity hashtag! Hope to see you at The 2nd Annual #ClothCommunity Day!

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