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Cloth Diaper Trial Programs

I previously wrote about cloth diaper trial programs, and where you can find ones that offered Thirsties products in the trial. The list hasn’t changed much, but I wanted to post this again since it is really useful information for many of you who are new to cloth diapering or need a new stash. Cloth Diaper trials are programs that allow you to pay a deposit on a certain number of diapers and try them out for a select period of time. The deposit is almost fully refundable if you send all of the diapers back, which makes it a very affordable way to try out diapers before you buy a whole stash. (The diapers do need to be sent back clean and in good condition.) Please keep in mind that a trial is not the same as a Sample Kit or Diaper Package. Trials may also go by the name of “Hire Kit”, “Nappy Hire Kit”, or “Diaper Loan” Diaper trials are very useful for those who are not sure what kind of diaper will work for them and their baby, or for those who are not sure what brand to choose. Some programs have preselected items, and some programs allow you to choose exactly which diaper(s) you would like to try. Below are some links to some of Thirsties retailers that offer cloth diaper trials with Thirsties diapers offered as part of the trial program.  USA: Diaper Daisy Custom Cloth Diaper Trial (You choose) Earth Angel Diaper Company Try Me Kits (You choose) Itsy Bitsy Bums Build Your Own Trial Package (You choose) Jillian’s Drawers Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program (Preselected)  Jillian’s Drawers Newborn Changing Diapers, Changing Minds Program (Preselected)  Modern Cloth Customizable Cloth Diaper Trial Program (You choose) Mom’s Milk Boutique 30 Day Fling with Fluff (Preselected)  Nell’s Natural Baby Pick Your Own Trial Pack (You choose)  Nicki’s Diapers 15 Day Wash Diaper Trial (You choose)  Sew Crafty Baby Cloth Diaper Trial Package (You choose)  Squishy Tushy 30 Day Cloth Diaper Trial Kit (Preselected) Squishy Tushy Full Time 30 day Cloth Diaper Trial Kit (Preselected) Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique Diaper Trial Package (You choose) Canada: A Mother’s Touch Cloth Diaper Trial (Preselected) Ottowa Cloth Diapers Diaper Trial Program (Preselected)  The Cloth Diaper Shop Make the Switch Trial Package (Preselected) The Extraordinary Baby Shop Cloth Diaper Loan Program (Preselected) United Kingdom: Funky Monkey Pants Trial Kits (Preselected) Plush Pants Cloth Nappy Trial Scheme (You choose) We are always looking to update our list, so if you know of anyone else offering Thirsties in their Cloth Diaper Trial Kits, please let us know! ~Sonya
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  • This is such a great program because another choice is to stick with one brand or try a variety and then who knows how many diapers just won’t work for you.

    katie on
  • Great post. I am ttc and we are planning on cloth diapering and I am trying to get all of the info I can early on.

    Michelle on
  • Thanks for the info! Trial program would be amazing!

    Kat Kerley on
  • This is a great idea! I wish I had known about this before I bought my newborn stash. My little one ended up being tiny, so I have gotten good use out of the diapers I purchased, but for average sized babies that grow quickly, renting makes a lot of sense.

    Kasi on
  • This is a really great idea for a first time cloth diaperer like myself.

    wendy browne on

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