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Cloth Diapers at Daycare?

As most of you know, I'm a full time stay-at-home mom (maid, cook, nanny, chauffeur, doctor and dog walker) and a part-time blogger. I know that many of you, however, probably work outside of the home, and I can honestly tell you, I have a lot of days where I wish I did too.  Being a stay at home isn't all sticky tables, runny noses, laundry stains, dirty dishes and poopy diapers-- it can be fun at times fun too and my moods often switch from bliss to stress in five to ten minute increments. I do love the fact that using cloth diapers means that no matter how many poopy diapers we have in one day, I just throw my Thirsties in the wash. Yesterday I had Cooper at the gym where I often go to do a light workout and get some writing done. The daycare is great. He's been going since he was six weeks old and he's happy to get out of the house. I call it my office and it even has WiFi. I get two hours of daycare daily with our membership and it's been my lifesaver. I always bring Cooper in his cloth diapers and I bring two extras. I change his diaper before we leave and toss the soiled one in the wet-bag and the extra back into the diaper bag. Since I'm always there, the daycare ladies have become quite familiar with Cooper's cloth diaper booty--but not because they've ever changed him--they're not "allowed" to so if he, or any other baby poops, they go and find his or her mother or father in the gym---yes, even if you're running at 6.0 on the treadmill or right in the middle of an oh-so-relaxing "Child's pose" in a yoga class--and silently beckon with a crooked finger and an apologetic smile that says "I'm not a bit sorry that I don't have to change your child's poopy diaper for you." The last time I was there, one of the daycare workers, an elderly lady of whom I'm quite fond, commented on how "fancy" Cooper's Thirsties were. She said that she had bought some cloth diapers for her grand-baby but that her daughter-in-law doesn't use them because the baby goes to daycare while she's at work and that they're not allowed. This got me thinking--is cloth diapering done mainly by stay-at-home moms? I have a hard time believing that there aren't lots and lots of cloth-diapering families that have both parents working outside of the home. So tell me, if your child goes to a daycare, whether it's in someone's home or at a center, do you bring your cloth diapers and if so, is it more work for you or for the caregivers since they don't have access to all of your accessories, not to mention your diaper pail? Working moms, tell us how you do it!
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  • We use cloth as much as possible. I’ve been trying to get better at cloth diapering on-the-go too. I do use disposables once in a while to change things up when my baby has diaper rash.

    Dandi D on
  • My son gets to wear his cloth at childcare, but they cannot dispose of the poop. They treat it like it was a disposable and put it in a sealed bag (a zippered wetbag) and let me dispose of stuff at the end of the day when I get home. That part sucks, but I’m thankful they’ll use it at all! I offered to purchase a sprayer, but they said they cannot. Even if it was a 100% solid, ploppable poop, they cannot drop it in the toilet since it could splash up and that is a sanitary issue.

    christine kangas on
  • I totally agree with you, that’s why I work outside the house. The daycare happily uses our Fuzzibunz (their preferred), Grovia or Thirsties for over a year now.

    sus vandil on
  • I work full time and her father works and attends school full time. Our daughter attends an in home daycare that my friend runs but she won’t do cloth diapers. My feeling is that a lot of daycares don’t want to use the cloth wipes and aren’t comfortable with cloth since they aren’t familiar with how awesome they are!

    Katherine on
  • This is something that’s really weighing on my mind these days. I’m going back to work in January, and while my LO is on a wait list ofr a daycare centre (and they already said they’re ok with cloth), I’d really rather find an in-home daycare closer to my house. CD is probably going to be an issue – I know a few in-home providers who absolutely refuse – but it’s something I really feel strongly about so I’m going to keep looking. Fingers crossed :)

    LeeAnne A on

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