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Cloth Diapers: The Gift of Thrift

I recently did a blog post about cloth diapers and daycare. I started wondering because a woman told me that she had given her
image of baby with present
grand-baby some cloth diapers as a gift but that her son and daughter-in-law didn't use them because their daycare didn't allow them. In addition to making me wonder if Thirsties parents use cloth at daycare, it made me wonder if you would ever give someone cloth diapers as a gift? Or have you ever asked for them or registered for them? They seem like a great baby registry item to me now, but when I was pregnant, it never occurred to me. I think a couple of cloth diapers--some pockets or two Duo Fab Fitteds with a cover would make a great gift but what if "the friend" to whom they were given, decided not to use them? Is it pushy to give someone cloth diapers who hasn't expressed interest in trying them or is it a great way to introduce them to someone who might be interested but doesn't know enough about how easy they are to use, how much more fun the colors and pattens are than disposable and how cost efficient they can be? I don't think that seeing a picture on the computer of the Duo Fab Fitteds does them justice. Sure, the colors are beautiful and the patterns are stylish and fun but until you feel them and really rub the buttery soft fabric against your skin, you can't appreciate how much better they would feel against your baby's skin than cloth. That's one reason I think a cloth diaper or two can make a nice gift. Or for a less expensive idea, a bottle of Thirsties Booty Luster and a package of cloth wipes can make a nice (not to mention green) baby shower gift. And the wipes are made from the same material as the Duo Fab Fitteds, which I always make sure to tell my friends to whom I give the wipes. They usually can't believe that a diaper could be made from such soft fabric. Whether or not it's in good form to give someone cloth diapers who hasn't asked, there is one person to whom I am glad to have given the gift of cloth: Cooper. I feel like a good mommy every time I put one of his Thirsties on him instead of a disposable and every load of diaper laundry that I do is worth it to me. What about you?  Have you ever given or received cloth diapers as a gift? Did you put them on your baby registry or are you considering registering for them in the future?
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  • I think I might be willing to give them as long as I gave them something else really nice that they had asked for. Otherwise I’d feel like I was using their good news as an excuse to be a pushy evangelist. Sadly, I registered for CD and a diaper sprayer and no one wanted to touch those gifts with a ten foot pole!

    Melanie on
  • good point, i have some pregnant friends. all of them know that I use cloth diapers. but they kind of look at me saying, oh how cute but it seems quite complicated. from putting in one, to store them when you are out, to washing, drying them. I tell them that it’s not, but without giving them a speech. No one is interested, so I won’t give them cloth as a gift. I would have loved someone to tell me about the modern cloth diapers (I am not a friend of prefolds (unless trifolded) and pins etc.) or even given one to me as a shower gift. But I am not trying by all means to convert my friends. They know the options and can make their own choices. That’s totally fine with me, also if I will stay forever the only one cloth diapering of all our family and friends.

    sus vandil on
  • I have a 5week old boy and started using thirsties on him last night and he leaked through both changes so I went back to disposable for the rest of the night. Is he too small for cloth yet? I used size 1 Thirsties duo wrap. I really want to start, but don’t want leaks. Suggestions?

    Sabrina on
  • A friend just had her baby shower and I go her a cover. A friend bought cloth diapers for my baby shower.

    Jen Cagle on
  • My husband and I registered for cloth diapers online! My friends and family are all very supportive. They may think we are crazy, but they act supportive! So we are hoping to get some cloth diapers at our showers!

    Amanda S on

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