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Comparing Thirsties Natural All-In-One Diapers

When families choose which cloth diaper they want to use, often their list includes

  • Easy to launder
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Universal sizing

Which describes Thirsties One Size All-In-One perfectly! Thirsties makes *three* kinds of OS AIO, one made with synthetic fibers and two that use natural fibers. In this article, we're going to compare the natural fiber version (NAIO for short) and the natural stay-dry variety (SDNAIO). Let's take a look at both of these great diapers <3

image of cloth diaper

How are Thirsties Stay Dry Natural AIO and NAIO Alike?

  • Both will fit most babies from 8-40 pounds
  • Both will provide a one-step on-and-off process
  • Both adjust with rise snaps to make them taller or shorter on your child
  • Both wash easily and are able to be machine dried
  • Both come in adorable prints with a lot of built-in absorbency!

How are Thirsties Stay Dry Natural AIO and NAIO different?

  • The Stay Dry Natural AIO has a layer of microfleece on top to wick away moisture and adds a layer of fabric between baby and the absorbent natural fibers underneath. This is great for babies who are sensitive to moisture, especially for overnights!
  • The stay-dry version shows less wear than the NAIO because it is topped with durable, stain-resistant microfleece.
  • The NAIO is slightly trimmer than the Stay Dry Natural AIO.
  • The NAIO is available in both snaps and hook & loop closures while the Stay Dry Natural AIO only comes in snap closure.
  • The NAIO has one more layer of absorbency.

If you are into the technical stuff, here's a visual comparison:

image of cloth diaper graphic

So if you are a fan of our NAIO, but sometimes find the wetness is bothersome to your baby, try a Stay Dry Natural AIO! If you're worried about wear and tear or staining, try a Stay Dry Natural AIO! They are also a great gift for a growing family, or a friend who wants to put their toe into the cloth diapering waters.


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  • Love fleece lined diapers!

    Tania Alvarez on
  • Love fleece lined diapers for easy cleanup and natural fiber diapers for sensitive skin. Thank you Thirsties for offering both!

    Anne on
  • The side-by-side comparison is great! It’s helpful to see to see what you might want to try for the first time or to try something new as baby’s needs change. Can you do one for the pockets too and inserts? I just accidentally ordered a regular pocket (I already had a natural one), and I have a stay dry insert). Now I’m not sure which goes to which (or which insert is which) and if they are right side up or upside down for what we need on a given day. :) So they go in and absorb the liquid, but I suspect I could be using them more effectively putting a particular layer on top of the other.

    Melanie Laird on
  • We love our stay dry natural aios, love the stay dry, cotton on top for quick absorbancy, wider inserts, and no leaks! Enough absorbancy for my heavy wetter and we fold the bottom insert towards the front for my son. Perfect option. Wish they had been around for my first.

    Chelsea Raven on
  • I can’t wait to try thirsties!!

    Sharlene Quinones on

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