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Do You Color Coordinate Your Diapers?

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From the time that I can remember, clothing, fashion, and color coordinating has been important to me. I dreamt of being a fashion designer when I grew up, and took Home Economics in school to learn how to sew. Luckily, my mom had a sewing machine, and I could sew my own clothes at home as well. I was sewing my own clothes from the time I was 12. But fashion wasn’t my only passion, I loved art as well. Artists are known for having a great sense of design, and how to mix and match colors. Even now, when I am sending out diapers for an event or donation, I find myself color coordinating the diapers. I can’t help myself!! Now, that brought a thought to mind… how many of our customers color coordinate diapers to an outfit? There are so many great prints and colors out there - it is hard to cover them up! These are some of my favorites coordinating prints and colors from Thirsties line:
image of cloth diapers
Unfortunately, one of my favorites has been discontinued:
image of cloth diapers
Alice Brights, I will miss you! This one coordinated with:
image of cloth diapers
What is your favorite print or color? Do you have a special outfit that coordinates with a Thirsties diaper?


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  • I don’t really even think about coordinating our diaper covers with the kids’ clothes. I have lots of different colors and there’s no knowing how long a cover will get used before it gets pooped on. I just grab my favorite covers first. I do really like having my kids in such cute diapers, though. I think the disposable diaper companies are starting to pick up on that, because Huggies came out with those hideous denim look diapers.

    Marcelaine on
  • Color-coordinating is probably the biggest reason to DO cloth!! Okay, maybe that’s just me, but seriously – we live in southwest Florida, where it’s hot all the time, so most kids run around in diapers and a shirt or a light dress. Having a cute little somethin’ on their tush is a necessity – and you can BET it always matches!!

    Martha on
  • I definitely coordinate or even try to match themes. Yes I know, I know :) But if I can coordinate I will. I am loving the scottish storm. It goes with so many different things!!

    Beth Rees on
  • so cute… I find myself trying to coordinate them when I put them away but I usually don’t buy too many at once :) I also have a hard time coordinating them with the outfit b/c the diapers get changed so often :)

    Julie Ghrist on
  • I love color coordinating not only diapers, but everything!

    Cassandra Madsen on

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