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Do You Use a Cloth Diaper Sprayer?

image of diaper sprayer
So there I was changing the stinkiest, stickiest (yes, stickiest) post-chili poopy diaper ever. Cooper, as usual was attempting the alligator death roll. I somehow managed to fold the diaper quickly enough so that he didn't get an ankle or worse, a whole leg covered. I wiped him clean and then put his diaper on while he stood up. I never thought I'd be so good at putting a Duo Fab Fitted and cover on a standing baby. But I've had to adapt. But of course, as is the case with cloth diapers, I still had one more task to do...I had to get the poo off of the diaper and into the toilet. This was no "log" and the old "flick, roll, plop," routine was not going to work. This was going to involve some "peeling, plucking and wiping." While I was dumping the diaper, I suddenly thought of diaper sprayers and how handy one would have come in right then. In case you've never heard of them, diaper sprayers are little hoses with high-power spray nozzles that attach to your toilet pump. They pump clean water from your pipes, through the hose and can be used to spray the solid waste off of cloth diapers and into the toilet--the same job I do with a piece of toilet paper. Apparently, they are quite easy to install and work really well. But then, I wonder, how do you carry the dripping diaper back to your diaper pail? Do the wet diapers smell more or less than dry? These are things I don't know the answers to because I don't have a diaper sprayer. Cooper is my third and final baby and he's already 15 months old. We will not be investing in a diaper sprayer at this point, though I really like the idea and by some of the reviews I've read, some parents swear by them. If you use a diaper sprayer, tell us about it. Was it easy to install? What do you do with the wet diapers--do you leave your diaper pail in the bathroom? Would you recommend a sprayer to your friends considering cloth-diapering their babies?
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  • So, I went over 6 months without a diaper sprayer. I wash twice a week and I’m thinking of switching back to every other day because of the sprayer. Before, I used to have to dunk and swish, soak, use the toothbrush (I work kitchen gloves), etc. I went down to twice a week bc that way I had a full load of diapers and I only had to dunk/swish twice. Now with a sprayer, I can’t decide if I like it or not. Sometimes it’s great. Other times, I’m still using the soak method and the toothbrush. Either way, I have it now, so I guess it’s here to stay =) (By the way, no real smells. I use a 5 gallon bucket as I rinse, so dirty diapers don’t rejoin the wet ones, and my diapers are in good shape regardless of method.)

    Kaitlin on
  • We have a sprayer. We use liners so most of the time there is no need for the sprayer, but when the liner shifts and there is sticky poop on the diaper itself, the sprayer rocks!!! We wash about every other day. I don’t really notice the diapers getting anymore smelly once they are wet from being sprayed. We take them down to the basement though. I’ve used it for other things that need to be rinsed out in the bathroom too, like the tub! My husband did think it was kind of hard to install. The directions were easy but he broke a piece that goes to the toilet. User error :)I would totally recommend getting one, because when I need it, I’m VERY glad I have it!

    Sonya on
  • We had a bad experience, It leaked, got it replaced and that one leaked from a different spot! Got a refund as I didn’t feel like causing water damage! I am thinking about trying to DIY one so it’s repairable but I am still afraid of leaks.

    Kim on
  • We use a diaper sprayer. Have had it since our first son. It is invaluable! Our boys are healthy poopers, plus it also comes in handy for rinsing out the froggy potty during potty training. We wash diapers every other day and have never noticed any smell.

    Holly White on
  • I never thought about using one on the froggy potty. It would have totally paid for itself!! Especially since I can’t get my son to stop using his froggy potty even though he is WAY too big for it :)

    Jennifer on

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