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Fun Spring Activities for Kids

Fun Spring Happy Spring, everyone! In our neck of the woods, winter has been pretty...non-wintry. Here in upstate New York, we’ve had maybe one not-too-bad storm TOTAL (compared to a dozen or two), and while we’ve got some chilly temperatures this week, there’s no sign that spring isn’t well on its way. Woohoo! So, with more sunshine and spring breezes ahead, I thought I’d share some simple, fun activities to celebrate it with your little ones.


Sugar Aunt’s Flower Scissor Skills Craft Great for getting little hands used to handling safety scissors, this super simple craft comes out super cute. Just use cupcake holders and any colored paper you have on hand.

nature-names-craft Little Family Fun’s Nature Names Craft

Do you have a little collector in your family like I do? Every walk turns into a "put this in your pocket" adventure. Now we have a use for all of nature's odds 'n ends!

celery-flower-prints Mum in the Madhouse’s Celery Flower Prints

All I can say is: How. Cool. Is. This?!

mini-paper-kites One Creative Mommy’s Mini-Kites

Has anyone else had a hard time finding a good, old-fashioned kite not emblazoned with annoying cartoon characters? This is the perfect solution. Plus, easier for small hands to handle and figure out. (Just watch out for little ones with string...but you already knew that.)

colour-changing-flowers-fun-and-pretty-science-experiment-for-kids Go Science Girls’ Color Changing Flowers

Science meets art meets nature!

get-outside Young Wife’s Guide to Getting Outside!

These are some awesome tips, simple to expert level, for getting the whole family into the great outdoors.

binoculars Buggy and Buddy’s TP Roll Binoculars for Cloud Watching

Sure, you COULD observe clouds with your regular ol' eyes. But why would you want to if you could make these cool binoculars (which are a great example of repurposing!)?

Nature-Hunt-Bingo-2 Bitz & Giggles’ Nature Hunt Bingo

Turn a normal walk into a super fun game. This is also great for getting the WHOLE family outside.

What do you think? Would you try out any of these activities? What's YOUR family's favorite springtime activity?

I'm pretty excited to try out the Bingo, myself. It'd give some fun structure and focus to our nature walks!
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