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5 Easy Ways to Go Green This Earth Day

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It’s that time of year again! Earth Day is almost here, a new print, Endangered, has just been released and we are celebrating all things reusable, renewable and compostable. Thirsties has always been committed to the environment and reducing waste through cloth diapering. However, there are so many other ways you can you can reduce waste in your daily life.

Here’s our top five ways to reduce your carbon footprint today:

  1. Reduce Landfill Waste With Reusable Snack Bags
  2. Reduce Ocean Waste With Reusable Straws
  3. Reduce Pollution With Carpooling
  4. Reduce Landfill Waste With Compostable Poly Mailers
  5. Reduce Landfill Waste By Using Water Bottles/Thermoses Instead of Buying Bottled Water/Coffee

Reduce Landfill Waste With Reusable Snack Bags


Ditch the Ziplock and use reusable snack bags for your snacks, lunches and more. Many reusable snack bags can be washed in the washer or dishwasher and reduce landfill waste significantly. Here's our favorite uses for reusable snack bags beyond your snacks and lunches:

  1. Mini first aid kits
  2. Storing computer/laptop/phone chargers and cords, keeping them organized
  3. Storing ink pads, stamp sets and other art supplies that would otherwise leave messes behind
  4. Mini momma kits with menstrual items, pain reliever, and chocolate
  5. Prepping snacks and lunches in advance to create a 'grab and go' section in the fridge

Reduce Ocean Waste With Reusable Straws


Reusable straws are all the new hype and for a good reason. Plastic straws increase ocean pollution, put animals in harm's way and fill our landfills with trash. Plastic straws are even banned in some cities because of the damage they cause.

Reusable straws come in many varieties; silicone, stainless steal and bamboo. Take them with you to restaurants, parties and picnics or use them at home to eliminate waste.

Reduce Pollution With Carpooling


Who is up for a carpool? Carpooling is also socially economical. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also help reduce the costs we all pay towards the construction of new roads, road maintenance and air pollution related health care costs. Having fewer cars on the road means reduced Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and improved air quality as well.

Want to help even more? Encourage other parents and caregivers at your child's school to participate in carpooling. Some PTAs and/or schools even offer incentive programs for carpoolers. Many highways have separate carpool lanes to reduce your drive time as well.

Reduce Landfill Waste With Compostable Poly Mailers


Are you shipping birthday or holiday gifts? Use compostable mailers like these from noissue to reduce landfill waste throughout the year. Compostable mailers decompose in just six months and are no more expensive than plastic based mailers.

Have you received a poly mailer or shipping materials in the mail? Cut the tops off and save these for future use. Not only will you be reducing landfill waste, but you can encourage your recipient to do the same!

Reduce Landfill and Ocean Waste By Using Water Bottles/Thermoses Instead of Buying Bottled Water/Coffee


image of hot pink cup

This one might be the hardest for me personally, but can make such a big impact. Plastic bottles increase ocean and landfill pollution, can be swallowed by large ocean animals and/or can contaminate swimming areas and beaches.

Want to do your part? Bring a reusable water bottle to work instead of using disposable plastic bottles and carry your reusable coffee cup in the morning instead of stopping for a latte. Many coffee shops will even give you a discount if you bring in your reusable cup!



I used to be the worst at using disposable utensils, plates and trays. I realized that doing the extra dishes was definitely not worth the waste that came with paper plates and plastic forks. Not only did we commit to reusable dishes, but we even found a love for reusable produce bags, grocery bags and obviously, cloth diapers.

Do you have other ways you 'go green'? Share your best tips and tricks with us in the comments! You can shop Thirsties cloth diapers at your local retailer or online with Thirsties. For fun cloth diaper tips and tricks, you can visit Thirsties on Facebook or join the online community, Thirsties Groupies. And don’t forget to checkout Thirsties Instagram feed, @thirstiesinc.

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