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Happy Third Birthday, Cooper!

I started blogging for Thirsties while I was expecting Cooper: my third child, my first boy, my last baby. He turns three this Sunday which is hard to believe. Unlike his sisters, Cooper does not have a "baby book," and because of it,  I've been feeling sad and a little guilty. I could barely keep up with the girls' two baby books and I was more than a busy enough with a five year old and a three year old to care for in addition to little Cooper. I immediately gave myself the out: "I'm not doing one for you, Cooper," I told him (though he couldn't understand), "I just can't keep up with it all. I'm sorry." But just now, as I was contemplating making Cooper a photo book for his third birthday to chronicle his life so far, and lamenting the fact that I can't recall his milestones like first steps, first word, likes and dislikes of his first and second years of life---I realized that I have more than two years of blog posts for Thirsties about my pregnancy, Cooper's "Newborn Chronicles," and many, many written accounts of our daily life together. I can honestly say that while I was writing the dozens of blogs Thirsties I had no idea what a gift they would prove to be for Cooper (and me). At three years old, Cooper has truly gone from baby to little boy. He's stubborn and opinionated, he's empathetic and sweet, he's likes to play rough but he's shy. He adores his sisters and jumps into their arms when he sees them after school, saying "I missed you, Kate!" and "I love you, Lauren!" He's very athletic--and continues to throw balls with his right hand but kicks with his left foot. He uses both hands to hold his utensils but draws with his right. He throws a Frisbee (and quite well) with his left. He loves Monster Trucks and dinosaurs and his little stuffed dog named Rootbeer. He still has a special blankie that has the softest white fuzz on one side and fleece on the other. It has to be "just right" with the furry side facing up when he goes to sleep so he can rub it. And when he needs to be comforted, he rests his hand on my cheek and tilts my face towards his.


 So Happy Birthday, Cooper! You're an amazing gift and a joy to raise. I'm very lucky to be your Mom. And I'm very lucky that I was a regular blogger for Thirsties when you were very little.

Do you keep baby books for your little ones? What other clever ways do you preserve the precious moments that you never want to forget?

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