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Here Comes the Delivery Truck!

image of cloth diapers
For some reason, no matter the season (though especially around holidays or birthdays!) the sight of a big ol' delivery truck makes my heart go pitter-patter.
Will it turn down my road?  Is it slowing down in front of our house?  It is! It is!  And look, here comes the delivery man with a big box right up my front steps and to my front door.  Hooray! Packages are almost always fun to open and the one that arrived on my doorstep this afternoon was no exception.  It was a big box of Thirsties cloth diapers, diaper covers, inserts, reusable wipes and more.  A nesting pregnant lady's dream come true! Next week, we are planning to meet our third baby--a little boy.  He will welcomed by his two older sisters, ages 5 and almost 3.  For me, unpacking the box full of Mango Orange, Storm Cloud Blue, and brown and blue striped diapers and covers was a welcome change.  Wow.  No more pink.  Weird--but I LOVE it.  All afternoon I sat and touched the soft fabric of the Duo Fab Fitted Diapers in colors like Ocean Blue, Meadow Green and Honeydew. The diapers are super soft and I am feeling really good about having them against my newborn son’s sensitive baby skin.  I snapped and unsnapped, I practiced using the inserts and adjusting the sizes.  I was surprised how both the diapers and diaper covers can easily convert into three different sizes.  One size will last until he is like nine months old!  Well, unless we have a really chunky monkey, in which case we'll bump him up to the Size Twos a little sooner. I've read the directions and Thirsties recommends washing all new diapers and inserts at least once before using them to increase absorbency.  I look forward to that task.  Maybe I'll turn on one of those “new baby” shows and methodically sort and fold the new, soft diapers as I daydream about what our little guy will look like. My sister uses a hanging cloth rack in her closet to sort and store her diaper covers and inserts.  I think I will try something similar.  Will I get it all done before "Baby Brother" arrives?  I don't know since I'll be busy chasing his older sisters every day until then.  But some nights instead of feeling ready for bed these days, I feel myself energized and excited and ready!   Today, I've already done several random cleaning tasks like sorting my older children's toys and vacuuming out our kitchen drawers.  Unpacking my box of new Thirsties Diapers?  Definitely the highlight of this Mama's "Nesting" today!
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