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How "Road Trip" is Like a Real Road Trip (and One Way It's Not)

image of cloth diapers

In case you haven’t already “met” our latest limited edition print, Road Trip, here it is in all of its summer vacation-celebrating glory!

image of cloth diapers

I thought it’d be fun to chat about some ways that Road Trip the print is a lot like a real road trip...and a few ways that it’s totally not. Some ways that Road Trip = a “real” road trip: It’s super fun. Right off the bat, I can’t really deny that this is a super fun print. Between the map-like blue background and its quirky geometric vibe, it truly makes me itch to hit the road with my own family (even though our speed is more of a 3-hour-or-less road trip rather than a 3-day trip these days). And the fact of the matter is that no matter where you plan to go, you usually have a memorable, fun time.   It’s just as much about the journey as it is the destination. Sure, your main destination(s) are what the planning takes place around and give you something to look forward to when you just missed the last restroom for 50 miles, but the things your family will remember (and laugh about) for years to come often happen during the traveling portion of the journey. While I remember the historical sights or beachy destinations of my youth, I also greatly remember laughing about nothing whatsoever with my sister or singing along to our Walkman CD players at the top of our lungs in the backseat. So, I love that this print shows the road just as much as the fun spots along the way. It reminds us that America is unique but, at the same time, refreshingly similar. All those destination spots - the Statue of Liberty, the Space Needle, Paul Bunyan and Babe, Disney, and more - show us what a special place our young country is. Each state has its own identity, accent(s), sayings...yet in our travels we discover that there are common threads of kindness, decency, and looking out for your fellow man that make the whole country somehow feel like home.    All that in our country...AND a diaper? Yes, really. One way that Road Trip is NOT like a “real” road trip? Road Trip (the diaper) is way easier. Admittedly, between the planning, the packing, the organizing, the budgeting, the meltdowns, the exhaustion...a real road trip can sometimes be just as frustrating and difficult as it is fun and exciting. Luckily, with a fresh new print like this and the ease of cloth diapering (once we get the hang of it), sticking a Road Trip on the bum is way simpler than a real vacation. And for anyone interested in traveling while using cloth, here are a couple of our old blog posts chatting about that very thing: Tips for Traveling with Cloth Diapers

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