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How to build your cloth diaper stash for less than $300

Investing in cloth diapers is not only for the sake of the environment or health, but also for financial savings. There is no way around it - babies need diapers… unless you live in the jungle and baby doesn’t wear clothes…. ;)Due to input from you, our wonderful Thirsties fans, I am going to attempt to show you how it is possible to build a cloth diaper stash with an investment of $288.50. Now this will be the cost for the diapers and the covers. This does not include cost for water, energy use, detergent, or other diapering items. You will have to be creative for the diaper pail, wipes, and any other diapering items you wish to use. Ideas: 5 Gallon Bucket with a lid for a diaper pail. Water for use with cloth wipes. Cloth Wipes made from old flannel sheets, etc. The most budget friendly diapering system is prefolds and covers. Our products include the Thirsties Duo Wrap and Duo Hemp Prefold. This is the modern take on the age old diapering solution. Let’s take a look at these products:
Thirsties Duo Wrap Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds
Waterproof, adjustable cover Absorbent, flat diaper
You can fold and fasten the prefold around baby with diaper pins or a Snappi for fuller coverage, or trifold and lay into the Duo Wrap. This combination offers: Affordability, durability, absorbency, softness, trimness, and natural fibers. How many diapers and covers do you need? A single Thirsties Duo Wrap or Thirsties Diaper Cover can be wiped clean and reused several times before requiring a full washing. Covers: Newborn-9 months: 1 wrap for every 3 diapers 9 months-18 months: 1 wrap for every 4 diapers 18 months to potty: 1 wrap for 5 every diapers Diapers: Newborn: 20-24 diapers 6-12 months: 14-18 diapers 12-24 months: 12-16 diapers Potty Learning: 4-8 diapers So to cloth diaper with a budget under $300, you will need: Size 1 (newborn to 6-9 months): 10 diapers and 4 wraps Size 2 (6-9 months to potty training): 7 diapers and 3 wraps Size 2 (6-9 months to potty training): 6 diapers and 2 wraps Our numbers are usually twice this, as most prefer to wash every other day. However, it can be done for less if you wash your diapers every day. Keep in mind, you will wash your covers only if soiled or about every 4 uses. If the cover is soiled, you can hand wash it and hang to dry immediately for the next use. Now, you may say that is a typo above, but it is not. You may need 2 sets of size 2 diapers/wraps. I want to be real here. If you wash a cloth diaper every day, they will have been washed 365 times in a year. If your baby is potty training at 2.5 years, then they will be in the size 2 for approx. 20 months. Most diapering products last for about a year or 180 washes. They can last longer if excellent care is taken, so for that sake, we will say that you will need 2 sets. Now, you only want to buy the items that you need immediately, as the warranty for these items expire a year after PURCHASE. If you purchase them a year in advance, then the warranty will be void before you start using the diapers. Cost: Duo Wrap minimum retail price: $12.25 For 4 size 1 and 5 size 2 wraps, your cost would be $110.25 Duo Hemp Prefold minimum retail price: $7.75 For 10 size 1 and 13 size 2 diapers, your cost would be $178.25 Grand total: $288.50 Keep in mind that this is the bare minimum, but it can be done! You will need to take excellent care of your diapering items in order for them to last as long as possible. You may want to hand wash your covers, and always line dry them to extend the life. Note: If you chose to buy used diapers, or find them on sale, the cost would be less. If you have any questions, you can send them to me at


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  • This is great information. Thank you for sharing this!

    Suzanne on
  • Better and cheaper than prefolds, flats?

    Crystal A on
  • Loved this breakdown. We can probably get by with less since we will also be doing part-time EC. Yay for cheap! The breakdown makes it easier to plan.

    grace on
  • IMO you will need more smaller covers than what is listed. I would say 6 size one covers, 6 size 2 covers and 24 small flats can last you from birth to PLing costing under $300

    Mandy Ferguson on
  • I’m looking forward to using Thirsties duo wraps and am expecting that they will save a bunch of money on covers! However, I think I’ll go with other prefolds that are cheaper and are made of 100% cotton. (My preference is natural fibers.)

    Rita Stokes on

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