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Meeting #TeamThirsties

thirsties warehouse
Laura here, Thirsties social media coordinator. After a couple years of cloth diapering, writing reviews, and contributing to my sister's blog, First Time Mom, I started working for my favorite cloth diaper brand, Thirsties. For me cloth diapering, social media, plus motherhood are a match made in heaven and I love my job. For two years I've been working for Thirsties remotely but this past fall I visited the office in Loveland, Colorado. On my visit I had the thrill of getting a behind the scene peak at the warehouse. More importantly, I met all the wonderful hard working people who make Thirsties cloth diapering magic happen. Here is a bit about my trip and what I learned about Thirsties on the way.

What You See is What Your Get

My time at the Thirsties office and warehouse confirmed that with Thirsties what you see is what you get. Browse the Thirsties website and you'll find responsible and sustainable business ethics are at the core of who Thirsties is as a company. This is one of the many reasons why I'm so proud to be one of handful of folks working on #TeamThirsties. During my visit it was clear that the people behind Thirsties and how they operate as a business behind the scenes is exactly in line with their expressed mission and values.
image of Thirsties cutting machine

Quality & Pride

First thing on my visit was a tour of the warehouse and cutting machine area. The Thirsties warehouse is a sight to behold with rows and rows of beautiful Thirsties cloth diapers and accessories. It's a good thing my daughter's almost potty trained because, as a cloth diapering mom, I was like a kid in a candy store! Everything in the warehouse is so well organized and handled with care. Even though people were busy "pulling orders" everyone  stopped to give me a hug or handshake and chat. It's clear that the quality and pride behind Thirsties products is an outpouring of Thirsties values and how they operate as a company.

Made in the USA Matters

The cutting machine area is quite the operation. Everything is done carefully, precisely, and with the goal of being "green." They even reuse the cutting scraps! Having their products made in the USA allows Thirsties to oversee all the little details, which as a customer, I appreciate. It also allows Thirsties to be green while investing in people in their community. After chatting with the employees I saw first hand how important that is. One of the machine operators told me, "This is my first job where I really like ALL the people I work with."  That alone speaks volumes to who Thirsties is as a company. While I've always enjoyed working for Thirsties, now that I've met #TeamThirsties I can say I'm truly grateful and honored to be a part of this team.
image of people on teamthirsties
As a parent and customer, it's great find products that you and your baby loves. It's time to celebrate when you can love the company behind those products. With Thirsties I can assure you, it's all love!

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