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My Babies Are Growing Up! I Want to Remember Every Moment

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If I’m guilty about hoarding anything, it’s definitely sentimental and special things related to my three children : artwork they’ve done, locks of hair, a teeny tiny plaid shirt that looks small enough for a doll that Cooper wore about twice, and the turtle Robeez that all three kids wore between 3 and 6 months. I even kept the x-ray of Kate's broken arm and the purple cast that already looks so tiny. As the kids get older, the more I realize my memory is not as wonderful as I hoped it would be. As I was experiencing their newbornness, the perfect, chubby and smiley six months old stage and then their toddler years when their true personalities started becoming apparent, I was so sure I would never, ever forget even the smallest details about their babyhood. I've taken thousands of pictures of them and dozens of videos--and I don't regret a single one. I hope to look through them with my grandchildren some day. One of my favorite ways of preserving memories about the kids is writing down funny things they’ve said. Here are a few of my favorites: Kate: Mommy, I want a baby mouse. Can I get a fish? How about a hamster?? Please! Cooper: How about a hotdog? Cooper (at three) , fondly ruffling the hair of his two year old cousin Kevin: “Kevin, you my sister. Kevin is my sister.” When Cooper was a baby with a particularly stinky diaper, Lauren cried indignantly, “He smells like the chin-hair of an unwashed goat!” Lauren to Kate during an argument: “Why don’t you get on your broom and fly away??” When I told Kate it was picture day at school she went upstairs and put on her bikini. When I told her that she couldn’t wear it she told me she would prefer to be home-schooled. Kate was sure a limousine would drive her kindergarten class to the field trip. Lauren: “Sometimes when I’m asleep I forget about my eyebrows.” ??? Kate at four, while sitting on Santa's lap: "Lauren has been crabbing and sassing." I have to keep a file on my computer open or a notebook handy to jot these treasures down quickly. They leave my brain very shortly after entering so getting them in writing fast is key. And as much as I love and cherish our photos of the kids and seeing their scratchy drawings, these quotes will be giving us belly laughs for years to come!   How do you preserve the precious and hysterical moments of your little ones? And What are some of your little one's cutest quotes?
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  • Awe! My littles don’t talk yet but I keep a journal of all our sweet moments. I wrote in it almost every day during the pregnancy and while I’ve skipped around a little now that they are getting bigger I do still jot down memories. Love the idea of keeping memories close!

    Kay on
  • I am definitely a hoarder!!! Sometimes I worry that in trying to get so many pictures and videos I am actually missing out on living the memories…

    Brandi S on
  • I just got caught up with putting in all the information from Dr.visits to immunizations since birth (2months) I feel like I am doing good to remember and write down the important things thus far.

    Tanya Read on
  • I didn’t do a very good job of keeping record of my older two boys and I really regret that now, so I am trying to do a much better job of this with my 7 month old.

    My favorite funny thing was when my now nearly 12 year old was 3 and he asked me if he could have a soda. I told him no and said that he knew he wasn’t allowed to have soda. He said,“Oh, it’s not for me!” I asked who it was for then and he replied,“It’s for Jesus. He’s in my heart and he’s real thirsty!”
    Tara on
  • I used to blog but fell way behind when I got pregnant with #2. :-( I do take a lot of photos and short video clips. I keep a note on my phone of the funny things my daughter says and I try to record the baby’s milestones in my iBabyLog app.

    Robin Jones on

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