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Cotton Doubler Nighttime Solutions

image of sleeping baby

Sleep. As parents, we’re all experts on it, or at least have tons of experience with it - coercing it, missing it, having it interrupted, and generally going without it. Just call us a sleep-obsessed lot. We read endless books and articles about getting kiddos to sleep. There are a zillion opinions about what to (or NOT to) do when it comes to sleep training, bedtime routines, crying it out, co-sleeping... I've recently come to the realization that no matter what you do, it's all a phase...and you're bound to encounter  new one just around the corner. In our older son's case, just when you think it's safe to call it a success, there comes regressive nightmares and a sudden fear of the dark. But, about those interruptions. There are a lot of reasons for a good night's sleep to be interrupted, of course. Simply being a newborn (in which case, understandable!). A kid with nightmares. “Just one more glass of water.” A wet diaper. The list goes on. Well, today I’m here to share a little secret as far as those wet diaper wake-ups are concerned. Many cloth diapering families work hard to figure out their respective nighttime routine, so maybe you already do this. But, all I know is that while we still get the occasional 3am wake up call, it's not because of our daughter's wet diaper anymore. The secret? All natural, organic cotton doublers. We double them up (hence the name) inside a pocket diaper but you can use them to add an extra layer (or four!) to any of your cloth diapering routines. Even all-in-ones and fitteds! Voila! Instant all-nighters. (Or, at least, some hope for a slightly longer REM cycle.) On a side note, can I say how much I'm loving Thirsties' natural fiber selections? From their awesome absorbency to their softness and their ease of cleaning, they're seriously my favorite new-ish thing in cloth diapering. If you've tried 'em, tell our friends in the comments why and how you use them. Share the love! So, what's your nighttime challenge? (We all have ONE, right?!)

image of sleeping baby

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