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Fun Activities with Fallen Leaves

image of fallen-leaves-activities
It’s officially Fall!!! While, for a vast majority of us, it’ll take awhile before the leaves start falling, there’s nothing like the visual of deep, rich colors and the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot. It’s practically why pumpkin spice lattes were invented (or so I assume). To go along with my favorite season, I present Exhibit A - the Thirsties print, Fallen Leaves. While I love the entire Woodland collection, there’s just something whimsical and fun and, well, all the awesome parts of autumn rolled into a diaper style.

image of fallen-leaves-naio

See what I mean? Fun and inspirational and colorful (not to mention absorbent! #teamNAIO).

So, I thought it’d be fun to do a quick round-up as a shout-out to one of the coolest (and most autumnal) prints of all things leaf-related. I fully plan on doing a couple with my kiddos once the leaves actually start drifting to the ground.

leaf-hunt crafts

The leaf scavenger hunt at KC Adventures isn’t your usual. It actually adds to the usual “find some leaves” element by using simple math activities. Plus, it offers free printables, so it’s a no-fuss setup.


We’re all about simple at our house, so this autumn leaf wreath is right up our alley. Plus, it’s awesome that leaves can be used as decor all through the season (unlike, say, jack o’ lanterns and skeletons).

leaf crafts

One of my favorite fall activities at school revolve around the book, Leaf Man. It gets kids thinking about perspective and searching for images within leaf pictures - and extends to a fun activity when you actually have leaves around to create your own pics!
Meaningful Mama’s leaf prints are fun, messy, and beautiful. What more can any kid ask?? Do you have a favorite fall activity that revolves around leaves? Do you appreciate a good leaf peeping trip? Ours always end in a treat of cider and donuts. Or maybe you turn a chore into a blast by getting the kids involved with raking? We'd love to hear in the comments! Save
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