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No Pants, No Problem

image of outfits
Our daughter is now 19 months old. One of the cool things about this age is that the clothes (and, to an extent, our daughter!) are leaning away from baby-ish stuff. Less onesie-style tops mean regular shirts and tees. Add this to the heat of summer and that means showing off our cloth diapers! I’ve noticed online that there are differences of opinion about whether or not little ones should go places without pants (ie only in a top and diaper, maybe a pair of sandals). Some think that they’re only babies and there’s no harm in it; others don’t feel kids are “fully dressed” this way and it’s simply not appropriate. Well, there’s no right or wrong answer. As with most things in parenting, it’s totally your choice and there will always be someone to disagree. Ain't THAT the truth? In our case, if we’re heading to visit someone’s house (particularly for a get-together like a birthday party or barbecue) or out to run errands, we’ll dress her up a tad more with a pair of shorts, skort, or COMFORTABLE dress. (We are not into frou-frou whatsoever. Harper seems to be leaning towards the tomboy, fearless realm, so frills just trip her up more.) But, if we’re hanging out at home or know that the kids will just be running around someone’s backyard and it’s HOT, I’m fine with showing off a fluff bum! I actually have some tops that work awesomely with our Thirsties diapers. Today we’ve got a “model-less fashion show” (it was, logistical nightmare ;-)) of some of my faves!

image of outfit
Fun & Feminine - White Cherokee top with eyelets (Target) & Alice Brights

image of outfit

Cool Cat - Cat & Jack kitty shirt (Target) & Iris

image of outfit
Floral & Festive - Carter's hand-me-down dress & Poppy

image of outfit

Creatures Galore - Mixing it up with a Cat & Jack snail top (Target) & Meadow Land

image of outfit
Cool Treat - Cat & Jack ice cream top (Target) & Moss (there's a minty blue scoop if you look closely!)

image of outfit

A Day at the Beach - Jumping Beans fishy shirt (Kohl's), Koala Kids tropical top (Babies R Us) & Moss

image of outfit

Get into Nature - Jumping Beans butterfly top (hand-me-down) & Billy Buttons

So, there you have just a few combos I've been trying out lately. I also like mixing up solids with ANY top, whether it "matches" or not. Because, after all, what other time in life can you get away with still being super cute while not matching one single bit?

Are you in the "pro-pants" or "free legs" camp? Feel free to let us know in the comments! Remember that this is a judgment free zone, so opinions of all sorts are welcome!!

images of assorted outfits

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