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Organizing Cloth Diapers

Last week, we chatted about purging while pregnant - the whys and hows. It made me think about how purging and cloth diapering go hand-in-hand. *record scratch* Hubba, whaaa? How can that be? Especially when many of us want to #buyallthediapers?? All I really mean is that I've noticed that many families that cloth diaper are all about living simply, too. We all have TONS of different reasons for cloth diapering, but we can all agree that life is a bit simpler not to have to run out and spend money on disposables on a regular basis (once you get your wash routine down, of course). It’s just one less thing to worry about. Sure, some of us have a super basic stash consisting of flats and covers, while others have a huge stash featuring the latest prints and colors. Some have all one brand (if it's Thirsties, we appreciate that!); others like to try tons of different brands (which is equally okay!). But, no matter how large our stashes, we're simplifying our lives by taking control of our diapering situation in an economical, environmental (not to mention adorable) way. So, since purging goes hand-in-hand with organization, I thought it’d be fun to see some great cloth diaper organization methods from across the Internet today. Eye candy time!
ClothDiaperChangingTableSetUp - Copy
* This one from Prefolds Love is a perfect set-up, and the organization descriptions are great for first-time CDers.
cdchangingstation_cherryblossom - Copy
* From Cherry Blossom Love, this solution could work whether you’re CDing one or multiple bambinos. It looks simple yet stunning at the same time, doesn’t it? There are tons of wall-hanging solutions out there, too, if this one interests you.
raskog cart diaper dirt - Copy
* I’ve personally been drooling over the idea of purchasing having a friend who lives near Ikea grab me a Raskog rolling cart for our own limited space scenario. So, this set-up from Diaper Dirt (be sure to check out her adorable video, too) has my heart aflutter.
hellobee_drawers - Copy
* This one from Hello Bee looks deceptively simple, but the organization is stellar. Look closely. See the labels? Perfect if you’re not the only one who will be diapering your little one, or for keeping track of brands and how to use them properly. Genius! There are tons more ideas out there (we love you, Pinterest...oh yes we doooo!), but be sure to stop by Dirty Diaper Laundry to see Kim’s list of inspired CD storage. So, how do you control the fluff? We’d all love to know your cloth diaper organization strategies, too! Describe below or share pics in our Facebook post for this blog entry.
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